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HCG Before and After PROOF

HCG Before and After PROOF

I know I NEED to make a WONDERFUL Website Banner Showing Before and After PROOF . Till I finally DO here it IS!!!!

HCG- What Supplements I Take and the Benefits They Have

HCG Supplement Benefits

I’m asked all kinds of questions about what can help for cravings, releases, hair, you name it. I decided it was time to explain what I take, why,what it does and all the BENEFITS!

Where Can You Get the Supplements?

Good Health for the Entire Family

Boost Fat Breaking Enzyme up to 90%

Sitting is Killing You!

I understand not all of you can reconfigure your work environment, but if you can you will reap BIG Health Benefits!

Warning – if you read this you might get scared to sit =/

Sitting is Killing You
Via: Medical Billing And Coding

A few concrete blocks is all it took 😉
The first week takes some getting use to.
I realized that my lower back was weak from sitting so much.
I’m excited about the health improvement I have to look forward to by making this change!

Cycling/Interuptions – Explained

HCG – This Article Inspired Me To Cycle;

I understood when making this choice that there was a possibility that stabilizing would be a uphill climb.I admit that I am a impatient person. I also want to point out that I respect and admire the HCGers that choose to do the rounds and breaks correctly as protocol is designed. Patience IS a virtue … I decided on the “fast track”…But hey, they (meaning me) don’t call me “lab rat” for nothing 😉 – Colleen

Here is another HCGer’s journey –

I have been getting lots of questions on cycling lately. It’s not something that I can give a short answer to (is anything ever in my world?) so I decided to write an article about it. There are several things that come into play that made me decide to do what I assumed would be my “final” round in cycles.

There are more than a few things that come into play – and these are things that I have personally come up with having months on months of PURIST PROTOCOL under my belt, along with rounds that totaled 8 weeks (1st Round), 6 weeks (2nd Round), 3 weeks (3rd Round) and 4 weeks (4th Round) before I even considered doing things this way.

Why do I say that? I get questioned sometimes about my pulling away from Dr. Simeon’s book, and what gives me that right? First, I have the right because I did 4 rounds (total of 21 weeks with a loss of 98.8 lbs) following his protocol to a “T” – I have the supporting data to find out what works and what doesn’t for me and I have used that information to make informed decisions on my own “self doctoring” path that I have chosen in My HCG Journey.

In looking over how I arrived at the decision to spend my 5th round in cycles, I considered the following:

      Head in the Game


      Minimum Course


      Unforeseen Interruptions


      P3 Breaks


    Jump Start Losses

Let’s go over this ONE by ONE.

Head in the Game

I wrote an article and in it was discussed the whole MIND GAME routine we play with ourselves and how it relates to the protocol. I have found that it is EASY PEASY to commit to a “short round” and have the OPTION of making it longer, than trying to do this long butt round and being disappointed in the results. So since I knew what the MINIMUM course was – I figured I could be on HCG for 3 weeks at a time. Ah, so then my next point logically is this:

Minimum Course

In his book Pounds and Inches, Dr. Simeon’s says this under “Duration of Treatment”:

We never give a treatment lasting less than 26 days, even in patients needing to lose only 5 pounds. It seems that even in the mildest cases of obesity the diencephalon requires about three weeks rest from the maximal exertion to which it has been previously subjected in order to regain fully its normal fat-banking capacity. Clinically this expresses itself in the fact that when in these mild cases treatment is stopped as soon as the weight is normal, which may be achieved in a week, it is much more easily regained than after a full course of 23 injections.

So it stands to reason that you can do a SHORT course as per his instructions with NO issues. In doing SHORT cycles like this, you will then ward off any possibility of “Immunity” that Dr. Simeon’s talks about in his book. In any case, I have my thoughts on IMMUNITY as well; in so much as it is NOT the factor that Dr. Simeon’s thought it was in his day. The unfortunate thing is that Dr. Simeon’s passed long before he could complete his research – but really, this is a thought for another day.

So we have established that 3 week cycles are AOK – now what about the breaks? Let’s look at what Dr. Simeon’s says about “Unforeseen Interruptions”:

Unforeseen Interruptions

Unforeseen Interruptions of Treatment

If an interruption of treatment lasting more than four days is necessary, the patient must increase his diet to at least 800 Calories by adding meat, eggs, cheese, and milk to his diet after the third day, as otherwise he will find himself so hungry and weak that he is unable to go about his usual occupation. If the interval lasts less than two weeks the patient can directly resume injections and the 500-Calorie diet, but if the interruption lasts longer he must again eat normally until he has had his third injection.

When a patient knows beforehand that he will have to travel and be absent for more than four days, it is always better to stop injections three days before he is due to leave so that he can have the three days of strict dieting which are necessary after the last injection at home. This saves him from the almost impossible task of having to arrange the 500 Calorie diet while en route, and he can thus enjoy a much greater dietary freedom from the day of his departure. Interruptions occurring before 20 effective injections have been given are most undesirable, because with less than that number of injections some weight is liable to be regained. After the 20th injection an unavoidable interruption is merely a loss of time.

In other words, he says there would be situations that would be needed to be considered where you had to take a break, you would have to have AT LEAST 800 calories and that if the interruption was LESS than 14 days you go straight back into VLCD with your first dose of HCG, but if it were LONGER than 14 days you would eat NORMALLY for two days with HCG and then the THIRD DAY would be a VLCD day with a dose of HCG. And he also tells us that after the 20th injection, you are pretty safe – so are you beginning to see my line of reasoning in my breaks?

I have chosen to keep my breaks while I am CYCLING this round to between 7 – 10 days long each. That is my choice. But you have until the 21st day on a break for it still to be considered a cycle because anything MORE than that would be an ENTIRE PHASE 3 break, and your round would be complete. A round is a COMPLETE Phase 2 and a COMPLETE Phase 3 – and then however many days you decide to do in Phase 4 – anything less than that it becomes a cycle (or it does in my world!).

So then, what happens when I am breaking for 7 – 10 days?

P3 Breaks

You have to follow the same procedure as you do with a regular P3 break; you do it with NO sugars and NO starches. This cycling thing is not for the faint of heart, no ma’am. You must maintain during the short break or your time will be wasted. Believe me, I speak from experience. This last short break I took has been the best so far since I started cycling, as I have lost a total of 7 pounds in 7 days. I started at only 2.4 over my LIW – and within 48 hours I was already below LIW and into “virgin territory”. Let me illustrate:

From LIW which was on August 18 (148.2) till today, September 9 (143.6) I have lost a total of 4.6 lbs in 21 days, of which only 10 of those days were VLCD, the other 11 days were spent maintaining and eating pretty much how I want. 4.6 lbs in 21 days on ANY weight loss program is pretty sweet. When you consider the loss of 4.6 lbs in 10 VLCD days? Well then, that is even MORE sweet. In other words, it WORKS for me.

Last but not least, as with anyone with a bunch of data behind them, they know one thing for sure:


Yup! I didn’t have to tell you this did I? I like those monster losses at the beginning and my head is way more into the game then, so why should I suffer? At first, I was like everyone else, afraid this wouldn’t work after the first time, but here I am over 100 lbs lost later, and it is STILL working. So that being said, that is why I chose to CYCLE.

HCG Brownies – Say What???

This was pretty much regular mug cake x 5.

Recipe –
5 oz of crushed Mac Nuts
5 whole eggs
5 tbsp unsweetened coco powder
5 tbsp coconut oil
…5 tbsp whole milk or heavy cream
1 capful of vanilla extract
10 packets of Stevia (or any other sweetener)
Bake in the oven at 450 degrees for 20 min.

Then YUM!

Thank you Victoria for sharing so we can be slim yet ENJOY wonderful treats like this!

How Many Ounces is 100 Grams? – Conversion Calculator

How Many Ounces is 100 Grams?

I get asked that a lot when HCGers are starting P2 protocol. I had the same question too.

Here is a good post to reference to figure it all out

BTW – 3.5 OZ equals 100 grams 😉

Conversion Calculator

Want to double that recipe…or cut it in half…or even thirds? Can’t remember how many grams are in an ounce or how many quarts in a liter? Click on our free, easy-to-use Conversion Calculator to quickly and easily convert dozens of standard and metric units. You’ll be able to find common equivalents for weight, volume, length, and calories in the quick reference table, and get precise, customized conversions with ease.

Weight Measures


Common Usage Reciprocal Value
1 lb. = 16 oz. 1 oz. = 0.0625 lb.
1 ton = 2000 lb. 1 lb. = 0.0005 ton


Common Usage Reciprocal Value
1 oz. = 28.35 gr. 1 gr. = 0.03527 oz.
1 kg = 1000 gm. 1 gm. = 0.001 kg.
1 lb. = 0.4536 kg. 1 kg. = 2.2046 lb.

Dry Measures


Common Usage Reciprocal Value
1 qt. = 2 pints 1 pint = 0.5 qt.
1 peck = 8 qt. 1 qt. = 0.125 peck


Common Usage Reciprocal Value
1 qt. dry = 1.101 l. 1 l. = 0.908 qt. dry
1 peck = 8.810 l. 1 l. = 0.1135 peck

Liquid Measures


Common Usage Reciprocal Value
1 pint = 2 cup 1 cup = 0.5 pints
1 qt. = 2 pints 1 pints = 0.5 qt.
1 gl. = 4 qt. 1 qt. = 0.250 gl.
1 gl. = 8 pints 1 pint = 0.125 gl.


Common Usage Reciprocal Value
1 US gl. = 0.833 Imp. gl. 1 Imp. gl. = 1.201 US gl.
1 Imp. gl. = 4.546 l. 1 l. = 0.2200 Imp. gl.
1 l. = 0.264 US gl. 1 US gl. = 3.7879 l.
1 l. = 1.0567 qt. liquid 1 qt. liquid = 0.9463 l.

HCG Hair Loss Question

HCG – Hairloss ?? My Experience – and it is a GOOD one! !

Question – what do you know about the potential risk of hair loss on HCG and how it is related to taking vitamins/supplements?

My Answer – I experienced the opposite with HCG in regards to hair loss. Before I knew about HCG I did a long fast and hair loss I started to experience got really scary. When I got on HCG the loss stopped. I figured it would be similar to when I was pregnant and I might need to be prepared for some loss once I was done with hcg.I’m very happy to report that didn’t happen.As far as supplements I have taken supplements for hair the entire time along with extra biotin. I encourage anyone who is starting HCG to also take MSM (preferably the liquid form) I wish I had taken it from day one. Because we release the fat rapidly on this protocol the MSM helps our skin tighten. Now back to the hair,someone in the past commented to me that she thinks the loss my also depend on if menopause is also part of the mix. I’m not at that point in my life so I have no idea. One last thing I want to mention is the types of HCG that are out there. Since so many new “types” have sprung up recently my only other concern is the same as Dr S had in Pounds and Inches. If you are doing the 500 VLCD and not taking HCG (the real deal) you will be starving yourself. I’m sure if you starve yourself there will be hair loss.Not having hunger isn’t the only thing real HCG is doing. Burning the abnormal fat for energy is what makes the protocol so wonderful.

The “Stinky” Vitamin -LOL-But Boy does it ever WORK!

Where I usually purchase my Biotin from

HCG Lingo ;)

What does all the abbreviations mean?

VLCD – Very Low Calorie Diet
TOM – Time of the Month
POP – Perfectly on Protocol
MOP=My Own Protocol – for people who make alterations to the “OP” (original protocol).
LDW – Last Dosage Weight
LIW – Last Injection Weight
P2 – When on HCG 500 calorie protocol
P3 – Stabilization phase between rounds (phase 3)
P4 – Lifetime maintenance (phase 4)

Rounds – When on P2 (phase 2)
Round length – Either 23 day or 40 day

Cycling/Interruption – When only off of P2 for no more than 14 days then go back into a new round (no loading required)

Correction Day – Done when you are more than 2 pounds above LDW or LIW.

There are many different types of “Correction Days”. One whole post could be dedicated to this subject alone. It usually ends up being a “single” food day.

Steak Day

Egg Day


Skin Recipe Result Update 5.14.2011

I’m Really Excited About How Well This is Working!

Where to GET – Cellfood,Super Skin Serum, Colostrum,MSM Liquid,Antler Velvet

Herbal Remedies

If Herbal Remedies doesn’t have any of the products you can also check ;

Good Health for the Entire Family

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* Nature’s First Immune Defense
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Immune Factors

Fight back with Colostrum Plus! Nature gave you a strong immune defense network, but that system gets depleted as you age. Normal physical and mental stress can also wear down your defenses. Colostrum is the only supplement you can take to add back antibodies and immune factors. Colostrum Plus helps you maintain a strong immune system with dual action support in the bloodstream and also in the GI tract. It helps maintain a robust intestinal lining and promote healthy intestinal flora.

Clinical Studies show wide ranging health benefits for Colostrum including a significant increase in lean body mass and increases in anaerobic power, performance time, and sprint performance when compared to whey.

Symbiotics guarantees per serving minimums of 1.5% Lactoferrin (14 mg), 25% Immunoglobulins (240 mg IG), and 3% Proline-Rich Polypeptides (29 mg PRP), Colostrum’s most important component. Our unique BIO-Lipid coating insures bioavailability. Without this protective layer, other Colostrums can be destroyed by stomach acids and offer limited benefit.

Colostrum Plus comes from USDA Grade A dairies that are hormone, pesticide, antibiotic and rBST free. We use only the first 2 milking’s to guarantee potency and quality.

Velvet Antler

Deer velvet antler has been scientifically proven to provide the following benefits:

Improves Immune System functioning

Improves Athletic Performance and Strength

Improves Muscle Recovery after exercise

Is an excellent natural supplement for Women’s Health

Provides Vitality and Anti-aging properties for Seniors

Is an alternative natural supplement for Bodybuilding and Weight Training

Is a superior source of Growth Factors including IGF-1 & IGF-2

Enhances Sexual Functioning for both men and women

Is a natural supplement for Arthritis

HCG Lemon Truffle

I must warn this is like Chocolate Delight in that some people incorporate it into P2 and get great results others experience a gain or stall….Proceed at your own risk.


1 tsp lemon zest

…juice of one lemon

1/2 cup “powdered” Truvia* or Stevia

1 cup Coconut BUTTER (Artisana brand) or Tropical Traditions brand “Coconut Cream Concentrate”

microwave coconut butter for about one minute and stir thoroughly till well mixed

Using a magic-bullet like single serving blender, blend Truvia while shaking to make into a powdered sugar like consistency.

With a wire whisk, stir in zest, juice and Truvia or Stevia .

Incorporate the coconut butter while stirring.

Mixture will thicken rather quickly

Using a spoon or small gauge cookie dough scooper, divide out onto parchment paper into small balls.

refrigerate for a few minutes and with your hands, roll out to make smooth bite size truffles.

Where to find ingredients for this recipe

Live Superfoods - The Raw Superfoods Superstore

If you would like to support my website and pups!