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HCG Drops – Yes or No

HCG DROPS – There are so many different choices now

QUESTION  – Hi , basically my major concern is getting the right product that works..and instead of the injections i would rather get the drops i purchased one at gnc and i did not even open the bottle because i am thinking this is not gonna work lol… anyway thanks for getting back to me ..have a great day!

My Answer – After giving platelets, injections would bother me the least 😉

The environment of HCG has changed SO much since I started in Jan 2010.
The only reason I thought sub-lingual would be OK is because of you tubers that proved results like mamaclok. But really from reading pounds & inches I feel that doing it the way Doctor Simeon did it made the most sense. I hear from others that even clinics that advertise drops etc.tell you once they have you in the office that injections are the most affective.

All the products that are on store shelves I am not confident in. If real HCG must me refrigerated once mixed how is all the shelf stuff keeping its true potency etc.

Bottom line – I hit beyond my goal May of 2010. I just took MORE after pictures today in size 25 jeans (the smallest size MissMe carries). Plus my hair is growing better than before I knew about HCG ( my hairstylist is AMAZED). My doctor and his nurses all say I look so fit and young. These are the same people that treated a 208 lbs Colleen. So given all that if I had to make the choice all over again on the method to use I would do it all the same.

I hope you are ok with my honesty –
Colleen =)
Please Keep me posted on how you do.

Which HCG Did I Use?

What HCG Brand did you use?

This is a good question so I decided to make it the question of the day.


Thanks for all the great information. I have just learned of hcg. I just have some basic questions to help decide which way to go.

I see where you list suppliers you have purchased from, but not what brand you purchased/used. So basically I just would like to know what exactly did you use and how did you get it. Did you have to have a prescription?


A prescription wasn’t needed. I prefer to get Hucog brand or the generic version of it. I have also used Corion and it was fine too. To save on the shipping and handling I always purchased 3 at a time. And since I preferred to do 40 day rounds I would buy 5000 iu. I have the mixing breakdown on this blog for both 5000 iu and 2000 iu. But I am most familiar with the 5000 iu. The bacteriostatic water can be bought online from medical supply and even bodybuilder websites. My very first round I bought a supply “kit” that had everything to get started except for the hcg. After that because I had examples at my fingertips of what I needed I would get everything on my own.

250 pound vs. 120 pound woman X-ray

Here is an image to help us strive to be healthier

I don’t think the x-ray is of the same person but I thought this was interesting.

How is the fat distributed in the two different body types shown in that picture? Here is the answer, in the form of images comparing a 120 pound woman with a 250 pound woman:

250 pound vs. 120 pound woman

The light yellow areas are fat. Note especially the huge deposits of fat in the abdomen around the internal organs in the 250 pound woman, as well as all the subcutaneous fat (just under the skin) . The black areas in many cases are air or gas spaces – note the lungs. Or liquid filled, as in the bladder. Note also the heart in the middle of the chest.

The white areas are bone. In descriptions  people have asked why the 250 pound woman has what appear to be thinner leg bones. This apparently in an artifact of the slice chosen for the image. Imagine that she is lying down and we take a slice out of the middle of her body. That is what we are seeing. The slice went through thicker bone in the 120 pound woman.

Also notice the ankles of the 250 pound woman. Heavy people often have pronation problems because of the stress of the extra weight on the feet

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