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Monthly Archives: February 2012

HCG and Life

How to Do HCG

Life has many ups and downs right???

So we ask ourselves, ” How do we stay on Protocol even during Life’s challenges?’

Well I’m here to say yes it is tough…BUT…what you do have control over is your choices!!!!!

Besides my 40 hour job and helping all you wonderful HCG peeps I also have a side job.

I have private hair clients, One client being…. get 105 years old.

I know , your 1st thought is “that is great but so what?” Well she has cared more about her fashion statement more than 20 year old’s that I have serviced.

Well make a long story short… I got the call today that she isn’t doing well… I know…I know… those who don’t know her are simply saying ‘shocker” ( with sarcasm)

Well, I am posting this BECAUSE……..right after Superbowl I started a new hcg round and the very next day lost a very close friend. I was able to endure the 1st few days then made the decision to interrupt the round based in my emotions and obligations to the passing persons family.

SOOO with today’s new news I have decided that the ONE control I have over are my choices.


SO now that I have shared what has lead up to my decision what I want to say is no matter what ..I will stay on this new round…please share it with me and encourage me as I would encourage YOU…hugs to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make Up and Lotion‏ Use with HCG

Make Up and Lotions‏ I Used When On HCG

I have had a LOT of Great HCG questions!

If you look at when I posted to this blog last you would assume I’m not doing much. On the contrary, along with the normal up and downs of life with family and work I have been helping people with questions they have been sending me. I realized today that I need to be sharing so many more can benefit from the information through these blog posts and I need to get back to the vlogs on youtube…All of you who say you have missed me..bless your hearts!


Now here is one of those great questions –

I would really like to know what you use for beauty products…make up, lotion, hair products, etc. I survived this round without make up besides an eyeliner.

My Answer:
There is a moisturizer spray Na-PCA that you can get online or at whole foods that states that it is specifically non-oily moisturizer.
Other than that I don’t think actual brands that I use will make a difference in your results. Mineral based make up is good but I don’t use all the time. And shampoo etc is for the most part Redken & Enjoy products. My “Rule of Thumb” is as long as it is not super oily it is ok. Hopefully you understand what I mean. During rounds I won’t use full blown oil products directly on my skin,I tend toward water soluble products. Example I like Bio-oil (PurCellin) but will not use it while on P2. For me it boils down to this, I like to stay as pure to Simeon protocol as possible while on P2 when it comes to food selections. But make up etc. it is my opinion that there maybe Some people that will be overly sensitive to products outside of the food consumption. Yet for the most part as long as you stay away from full blown oil products the rest of the products won’t be an issue because I’m sure product ingredients have changed a lot since the 1960’s when Simeon was treating his patients.
Simply put…don’t suffer without your makeup on your next round 😉

Where to get Na-PCA non=oily spray

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