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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Question of the Day

How to Convert from Drops to HCG Injections

I really need to get better about posting more consistently. I get questions on a daily basis and need to remember if I answer them this way so many more people can benefit and be helped!

I have recently started the HCG, however I have been using drops. I would like to convert over to the injections, but was wondering would I have to start all over with my 2 gorge days. I plan on doing 45 days, and I’m 14 days in, with a 14lb weight loss! I just expected the injections to be more costly then what they are. Just so I understand this correctly… If I plan on doing roughly 30 more days with injections taken at lets say 200ml per day…How many vials will I need to order. I am still confused about this process.
Your blog has been very informative for and answered a lot of other questions that I still had. Thanks for the inspiration and hope to hear from you soon!

My Answer:
Congrats on your great releases on this round. Since I don’t know how much you want to lose to get to your goal it is tough to tell you how much to order. I prefer to buy 3 vials at a time simply because if I have to pay the shipping and handling I figure it ends up being more economical. Once you have the vials they store for quite sometime as long as they are not mixed. Once you mix is when it is only good in the fridge so you can complete your 40 day round. You also need to give time for it to arrive. If you are doing the drops and the vial came quick enough that you could transition you don’t need to load. If you go off of HCG for longer than 14 days then you should load before the next round. Bare in mind I admit that I have “load-phobia”. I don’t know what you have been spending on drops but buying the HCG for injections and the supplies on your own is WAY less expensive than going to the high priced clinics. And a lot less than many other diet plans that people invest in but don’t get near the great results. Hope this helps! :)

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