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HCG Phase 3 Recipe- Roasted Vegetables


Phase 3 Roasted Vegetables Dish –

Super YUMMY- Super  SIMPLE!

Roasted Zucchini and Mushrooms

Zucchini and Mushrooms


So many other veggies can be added but Pictured is Zucchini and Mushrooms







Phase 3 Food question –

Hey Colleen,

I can’t stress enough how much I love it, that you actually care about people who write to you…

I wanted to ask you, since I am soon going to enter phase3. And I don’t have meat or eggs or fish being a vegetarian. Is it ok if I start having whole wheat pasta, or brown rice, lentils, or something and can I use olive oil for cooking, or the Pam sprays or something? Because now I’m going insane without any decent hot cooked food! I can’t live on spinach soup and yoghurt as on HCG VLCD phase2…..please help….



My Answer –


What I think you will love instead of the whole wheat pasta, or brown rice, lentils is roasted vegetables.


This is so simple to make!


I put a variety of broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, and on occasion asparagus (though for you that veggie you may want to take a break from) and I will add red, yellow and orange bell peppers (not spicy) sometimes. Then I drizzle olive oil over the top (I still spray the platter I use with the Pam Spray to keep the vegetables from sticking and make clean up easier) add minced garlic and sprinkle with either kosher salt or sea salt. Put it in the broiler for approx 8 min. then stir around and broil for another 5 min. The tops will look grilled – YUM!

When my son sees what I’m eating he always says” you are going to eat all that?” It’s SO good!


If you are not vegetarian like the sweet person who asked this question you can also add shrimp, strips of cooked chicken breast (no skin) or lean steak, even feta cheese. I prefer feta because it is better for you than basic cheese. You don’t need to add much at all and when added to this dish it gives a nice tanginess to the overall flavor of the dish.


Another side note – I have tried this using MCT oil. It wasn’t that it was bad but MCT doesn’t like extreme temperatures so the vegetables end up being drier and the MCT oil kind of “smokes away” during the broiling process.

**If you are a Phase 2 person in the more liberal protocol that allows more vegetable selections than Dr Simeons’ original protocol (I have heard of plans that people that are going to HCG clinics are doing that also include Broccoli etc.) Also you can simply swap out the olive oil for the MCT (though the mct doesn’t work as well)or omit the oil and drizzle with water for added moisture. Of course no oil will definitely keep it Phase 2 friendly no matter how you slice it!

HCG and DIETING – Conquer Adversity

Conquering Adversity-The Happy Ending

first pair of glasses

Called Fat and four eyes

Taking Lemons and making Lemonade….Or should I say  How I found the Positive from a Negative.

Whether it was because a day went by or a few seconds and you had a moment to look back at experiences in your life, probably both good and bad. And like me there could be a lot more examples than just a handful of negative experiences in your memory bank

(Am I right)? Especially if you grew up battling weight, or other situations that people have to overcome. Since my blog is about my weight loss journey I tend to focus on that so if you are reading this and weight wasn’t the “thing” for you thanks for visiting my blog and knowing that you can get something out of what I want to share.


And now… without further a-do… the rest of my torrid story;

Parents raising kids now run all over town taking their kids to different activities so the child can get a taste of different experiences and if the child decides that activity isn’t what like to do the parent will move on to the next activity for them to try. I’m sure there is an exception that is close to what happened to me that still happens now. Especially the parents that invest a lot of money all on the hope and dream that their child will go pro in said activity like sports lets say. I must point out; my story had nothing to do with trying to be “pro”.

Ok here it is, to this day I still remember telling my MOM I wanted to stop a doing something that I am sure for my parents felt they had spent money and time so I could participate in it. My Mom’s response, “You are such a quitter”!

To this day if I am doing anything that ultimately is a goal, opportunity to win a prize or basically prove that I could do it even though it looks like it can not me done. I will not QUIT!

Why did I share this? I want you to find the “tipping point” that you have the choice to either let it paralysis your effort or advance you forward to attain your GOAL!!


I believe you can do it, do you?

HCG and DIETING – Pushing Through Adversity

Adversity, The Tipping Point

fat and four eyes

fat and four eyes

 That Can turn your life around for the Good



The picture next to this post is what human body fat wearing glasses would look like.

To make the picture the good think for me is chicken fat and human fat look pretty much the same.


Now you are wondering, “Why did she make that weird picture?” It really is weird isn’t it?

That is what you get when my creative mind gets a bit wacky.


I made this picture because in elementary school children would call me “fat and four eyes.” Actually looking back at school pictures I was not nearly as obese as you would expect someone being called that would be. As people sometimes say “kids can be cruel”. Think about the video that recently went viral when middle school kids on a school bus were verbally abusing the 68 year old bus monitor. And some of the taunting referred to her weight. Stay with me here I promise I have a point. Those cruel, lousy experiences are awful! But it is what we do with those memories that can later be use to strengthen the very core of what defines us now.

I want to give another example not to bash my parents but to help you understand how we all can turn a negative experience into the building blocks that will be the foundation of a positive outcome. Not only were my parents on me about losing weight as I grew up they also told me I walked like a duck and I needed to train myself to stop that so I could be attractive later when it was time for me to start dating. Again no bashing just different generations have different mind sets.

Here is my last example and the one that I feel was my “tipping point”…..


Right here I want to inject a “cliff hanger”. Anyone reading the day of the post will have to come back to learn what the point I want to make with all this is.

Of course the majority can just read the next post to see the outcome. BUT before you do reflect for a moment and think back on an experience that was not great at the time but you either pushed through or learned from it.


This is the only way I could think of to basically force you to take a moment to think back (pretty sly, huh?) :)

What Skincare Product Can I Use On HCG ?

HCG & Skincare Products

na-PCA,Enjoy,Redken,Dr Jart+,Bio-Oil

Na-PCA is non oily

Anyone that did their due diligence and read Pounds & Inches remember the story about the lady that wasn’t getting releases because of the make up she was using .

So below are the main questions I get asked on a regular basis;






Questions –


Do you know of a moisturizer that does not contain oil?

What shampoo and conditioner products did you use when using HCG?

What Makeup do you use when you are on an HCG P2 Round?


Before I go further and say what I used when I was on my HCG rounds I can not stress enough that every body is different. It is important to journal just about everything you do while on your round and that could include what you are putting on your skin.

Personally if you are starting HCG for the 1st time and you are not adding new products at the same time and your releases are staying consistent you are obviously not overly sensitive to the point where the products you are currently using will slow you down.

And if that is the case you are probably good about not using products that are all that oily.

I better interject here that one thing I stopped doing when I started HCG was I had used baby oil that I would put on after I took a shower and before I would towel off. I had heard that was a great trick to really soft skin. BUT since I knew that would be full on iol I shelved that regime during my HCG journey and actually just recently remembered to start doing that again.


Now on to the answers to the questions from the beginning of this post –

There is a moisturizer spray Na-PCA that you can get online or at whole foods that states that it is specifically non-oily moisturizer.
Other than that I don’t think actual brands that I use will make a difference in your results. Mineral based make up is good but I don’t use all the time. And shampoo etc is for the most part Redken & Enjoy products. My side work is doing private hair clients. I of course use gloves when I am doing my color clients but as far as fixatives (straightening balms or serum or mousse) I puy the product right in my hand and did not have a problem with releases slowing because of the products  being put in my hands.  My “Rule of Thumb” is as long as it is not super oily it is ok, hopefully you understand what I mean.

I never had a massage while I was on my HCG journey so I didn’t have to be concerned with massage lotion or oil in that respect.. During rounds I won’t use full blown oil products directly on my skin, tend toward water soluble products. Example I like Bio-oil (PurCellin) but will not use it while on P2. For me it boils down to this, I like to stay as pure to Simeon protocol as possible while on P2 when it comes to food selections. But make up etc. I put Dr Jart+ BB Black Label on my face and everything else is pretty much mineral based products.

It is my opinion that there may be some people that will be overly sensitive to products outside of the food consumption. Yet for the most part as long as you stay away from full blown oil products the rest of the products won’t be an issue because I’m sure product ingredients have changed a lot since the 1960’s when Simenon was treating his patients.


If you would like to find an online resource to get the products I have mentioned simply click on the items picture below

Na-PCA (non oily moisturizer)

Dr Jart+

Enjoy Hair Products

Redken Shampoo

Bio-Oil (Don’t use on P2)

Losing Fat on HCG

What We Expect to Lose On HCG

A jug fills drop by drop-Buddha

Be Brimming with PATIENCE


A jug fills drop by drop.

With HCG lets turn that around and say,

“The jug empty’s with each pour (wink)”


Any of you seasoned vet dieters out there remember back if you ever did the Weight Watcher program?
You would go in for your weekly weigh in and meeting and you felt you were losing at a clipping rate if you were seeing an approx 2 lbs loss each week. By all traditional standards you were losing fast!
Now fast forward to our HCG journey. Before you started you saw or heard how people lose a pound a day plus. Of course like me you said “count me in!” The first week it can be very feasible that you could release to the point where you have lost even more than 7 lbs the 1st week.

Whether on a forum, facebook or You Tube during my journey and up to now I see HCGers who are releasing but are sad that the release wasn’t more to their liking.
I am the first to admit that I can be patient with people but not with myself. Thus why I selected to do cycling/interruptions during my HCG journey.
I am writing this post because I want you to be kind to yourself and appreciate every success you have during your journey. When a comment goes in the direction of, “I only released or I only lost”. The fact is you got rid of fat and that is why you are doing this!

The Dr’s Research-
Also Dr Simeon titled his protocol “pounds & Inches” not simply “pounds”. You will be also losing inches shrinking and as long as you are really on HCG your body won’t be going after good muscle that your body needs to keep. I bought the book that the other guy wrote about Dr Simeons research. I am not a fan of the entrepreneur that wrote the book but I don’t hate him either. Anyway, one of the examples was the pregnant women in 3rd world countries that give birth to health babies even though their calorie intake is low and their activity level is basically hard labor during their trimesters. This is how Dr Simeon realized that if you have HCG in your system is like a heat seeking missile (that is my example not the Dr’s) going after the stored fat so it can keep the baby (in your case your body) sustained.
If you fudge on protocol you will probably experience that you will see a gain. My example here is that HCG is also like a magnet so if you put fat into your system while on HCG the HCG figures it better store it so you will stay sustained.

Set Points-
There will still be “set points” both ones you will be creating during your journey so your body won’t want to going the weight back easily. And others that you will need patience with when pushing through them. These set points are when your body gets to a weight that you had settled into in the past for a period of time. Your body gets to that weight and says to itself, “I remember this” and thinks it is where it should stay. You need to be the boss and say, “nope let’s keep going!”

My final 2 cents Today – I write on this blog because I want someone out there going through their journey to find a place that can help them along the way.
I am not a company or medical person. I am simply a person that knows I am blessed to have found HCG. My goal is to share my thoughts, experiences, and whatever info I have learned.
Be Well and Be Happy!

Can I Exercise On HCG?

working out on HCG

Can I exercise on HCG?

Can I Exercise While I’m on HCG VLCD P2

I have been asked this question many times while helping people new to the HCG experience. My answer back is, “Is you body use to an exercise program already”?

I would guess that all of us in the past have decided to suddenly get serious about wanting a result and started a diet and exercise program that caused us to way over do it because we were sedentary before beginning. Example – we weren’t even on a walking schedule let along running, weights exercise DVD’s. You see where I am going with this. In today society office jobs, computer time at home once you are away for the office tends to put exercise at a minimum.

So if you have not exercised before starting HCG this is not the time shock your system.

The explanation Dr Simeon gave in “Pounds & Inches” was that quite simply the patients from America that flew over to Italy for his treatment were not use to walking to get around town. Their bodies were use to driving to get where they wanted to go. Now here they were in Italy and walking in town to see the sights and get where they want to go. The patients from Italy were already use to living that way. So what happened is the numbers on the scale would show slower releases for the patients that were now active when before they were not. Technically it isn’t a bad thing. Physically it is always good to be active, you will have better circulation. It is always good to increase muscle especially as a person gets older. BUT mentally it can be a tough pill to swallow. We have all been there, you know muscle weighs more than fat, and you know you are releasing fat. You probably even see great shrink numbers when you measure. Even with ALL that we feel crushed when we hop on the scale and the release isn’t what we had hoped. Our mind and emotions can really do a number on us.

This is what I did during my journey. Since I had not been exercising prior to starting HCG I took Dr Simeon’s recommendation. Once I was in P3 I incorporate exercise so when I went back into a round my body would already be use to the activity.

I walked the treadmill and added light weights to help tone my arms. On one of my YouTube vlogs I was talking about what I was taking to help with loose skin.

Someone commented, “That isn’t loose skin, you just have to use arm weights to build up your arm muscles”. Low and behold I added the weights and did see improvement – YAY!

I was so glad that I took the advice instead of choosing to be offended the comment.

We all have so much to learn as long as we are willing to be receptive.


Pro’s and Con’s with HCG


Weigh out the Pro's and Con's

Weighing out the Pro’s and Con’s


I remember my first diets began as early as elementary school. I also recall doing the whole mind game of telling myself “Monday I’m going to start my diet” Sometimes when Monday came I was ready other times I did more mental bartering.

Fast forward to my HCG experience, When I began my journey all I knew was the 2 choices was either sub-lingual or injection but both were using RX HCG. Now there are so many products claiming to be hcg in drops or pellet form..HUM…..

I will not take on that issue in this post. What I want to focus on is how to be ready for your journey both mentally and physically so you will succeed.


My favorite “GO TO” for ordering –


Mentally you need to be raring to go. Have that “I can’t wait to start” feeling. I had watched so many you tube vlogs and read so many forums and posts along with of course “pounds & Inches” while I was waiting for my HCG to arrive I was completely ready to jump in feet first.

But with protocol timing is very important. I get asked over and over when someone is starting hcg for the first time if it is ok to go ahead and start their round if TOM had started or was about to. My answer is wait. Better to have the extra patience and be able to start your round when you know you will have a minimum of 10 days into the round before TOM could be part of the equation.

What is your social calendar looking like? Only YOU know what you can resist and though HCG puts hunger on the back burner sometimes food isn’t about hunger but emotional triggers or socializing. Personally I don’t like to try to visit with people and eat at the same time. That might sound odd to some people but for me it seems like it never fails, I put a bite of food in my mouth and someone will walk up and ask me a question.

Now so far as you are reading this and you KNOW that you are good to go on all counts that I have brought up so far GREAT.

Now be sure you have your tools in place.

What I mean by that is have a good bathroom scale. A scale that will give you more info than just a pound number. Fat percent etc REALLY helps while you are releasing on HCG and take measurements everywhere on your body that you can. You will be amazed where you lose and if you don’t get all your stats from the beginning you will regret it later. I recommend the myotape. Remember there is a good reason why the doctor called it “pounds & Inches


My next advice is do as I say, not what I did.

Take before pictures. The only reason I have a before shot is because my brother snapped off a pic of me when we were on vacation. But what wouldn’t give now to have full on front, back, and side shots that would have been taken the day before my 1st P2 round.

JOURNAL – Do this like you never have before! I was looking at my journal today to see where I was at around this time last year. The pattern I noticed was when I would weigh and write down what I thought I was doing right or what I was doing wrong. If I had a gain you could see how it was brought right back where it should be as along as I stayed current with what I was doing. If I saw an entry and then saw I didn’t write anything for a few days when I was willing to fess-up and get on the scale there was much more of a “price to pay” if you know what I mean.

My birthday is next month and my goal is to be the same weight I was on this date last year on my birthday. Why don’t I pick the weight I was on my Birthday last year? I didn’t write in an entry in my journal. So today I completely regret that I don’t have that stat!!!

I began this post stating,”HCG Gave Me My BEST RESULTS!”

This statement is so very true. I never looked or felt gaunt or sickly. Dr Simeons explained how it targets the abnormal fat and it DID. On other diets in the past I hit the same weight numbers I did on HCG but definitely was not the size and shape HCG got me to. Before my journey other ladies would say if I had back fat it was just an age thing that couldn’t be avoided…wrong.

My butt and hips got smaller than they were before I had kids. This knocks down another theory that after you have kids those areas change and you can’t get those areas down like you could before pregnancies.

And Before my HCG journey I was losing a lot of hair to the point that the girl who does my hair was gravely concerned. When I began HCG the fall out subsided and then a bit after that while still on my rounds I found a hair vitamin I like a lot and still take to this day, I also like it because it also has MSM.

It looks to me like there are a LOT of Pro’s.

Here is what I think are the Con’s –

Don’t get suckered into a product that is not HCG

Understand that it is restrictive as far as what and how much you can eat.

You need to access if this will work in your life based on why you eat.

Desire & Timing is everything! It is important to check your calendar, schedule, and body clock (time of month arrival eta).

You want to set yourself up for success and as long as you check off the right boxes and do it right you will see results beyond what you could have imagined!:)


Watermelon Cleanse

Whole and cut watermelon

Watermelon Cleanse Day

Cleanse & Fruit Fast Using Watermelon

Sorry those on P2 you will need to bookmark this info for when you are not on a round but would like something simple, easy and yummy to cleanse and drop some lbs with.

This is GREAT during the hot summer months.

Watermelon is in season during the summer so it is at its optimum best and it is really refreshing throughout the day. You of course will stay hydrated and it helps flush out your system.

I’m going to date myself but do any of you remember the “Beverly Hills Diet”. One of the fruit days on that diet was watermelon. Another day was pineapple and though I LOVE pineapple the problem with trying to do that ALL day is it can start to cause mouth irritation. Especially if you are not eating a completely ripe pineapple – OUCH!

Watermelon is mild on your system and the premise in the “Beverly Hills Diet” was that it helped with flushing out salts that caused water retention. For example after eating Chinese or deli food the night before.

The book said to be the” Diet of the Eighties”. Just leafing through it to be sure the example was what I remembered it makes me think, ” I have gotten so many different little tid-bits through my years of dieting. Through what I have learned and experienced with how the different methods have worked for me (or maybe didn’t work) my willingness to be a lab rat gives me the chance to help all of you!

Now-a days the buzz words or phrases are “calorie confusion” or “cheat days” to help your body lose fat, not stall or drop some lbs that have crept back up the scale. It is certainly a constant process of learning at least for me.

How to Do a Watermelon Day

You can actually do this for more than one day if you would like to.

You can have as much watermelon as you would like as long as you don’t float away – LOL

And YES-You will be going to the bathroom a lot…All that water has to go somewhere.

If you don’t want to get up in the middle of the night you will want to decide when your last serving if melon should be.

If you do wake up needing to go..Get up and go. You don’t want your body absorbing the fluid back into your system.

Like I said in the beginning this is a great flush to do during the summer months. Pick a day when you are busy and it would be tough to set aside time for a meal. Just be sure you have the melon prepped so it is cut up and in a container so it is easy to pop the cubes pieces in your mouth.

To sum up my thoughts;

Back when I was doing weight watchers WAY before I knew HCG ever existed I would do a watermelon day the day before my weight watcher weekly weigh in and I always had a great weigh in…I know, I know “what a cheater” – LOL…But yeah  it worked (wink). Since that time it has been years since I thought about doing this but when I was watching a guy on YouTube that is pretty popular and last year lost 100 lbs he now does vlogs answering viewer questions on how he is keeping the weight off. He talked about days when we eat only fruit to clean out his system. The day before I decided to do the watermelon day I did a fruit day. I ate a combo of pineapple, strawberries, a little watermelon, mango and papaya. I didn’t feel as cleaned out as I thought I would and I was a bit hungrier than I expected considering I wasn’t limiting how much fruit I ate. On that day one of the last things I ate was the watermelon and it was so satisfying it reminded me about my past experience with it.

Here is another interesting thing about what I did on that day.

I was doing my blog post about apple cider vinegar on that day so when I took the picture of the vinegar in the shot glass I thought, “oh what the heck I might as well just drink it”. Right after that (get ready for TMI) I started cleaning out really well. It was actually a great feeling because it felt and sorry looked like a lot of sludge that needed to GO was going -Oh and by the way the scale was down 2.4 lbs the next morning – YAY!

It is again one of those things where every “body” is different so you just have to try it for yourself and see how you like it.


What is a Good Fat? Macadamia Nuts

How many macadamia nuts equals one ounce?

How many macadamia nuts equals one ounce?

Good Fat – The Macadamia Nut Fat Fast

I have done a couple of you tube vlogs when I have done  what I call the “mac nut fast.”

I can always tell when someone else must have mentioned my vlog on maybe their own vlog because I get a flux of questions.

I decided to do this post to help clarify and answer the most frequently asked questions.



I just came across your video on YouTube. I am a vegetarian. I would like to know more about your Mac nut fat fast day.

From the video what i understood was;-
1. Eating 5 ounces of macadamia nuts(throughout the day) only. and water.. nothing else?
2. Do this for 3 days…and continue with regular vlcd?
3. Continue taking hcg drops?

I don’t have a gall bladder.

I’m a little scared about how this works? Won’t it increase fat percentage?



The theory is that since you are taking in fat your body isn’t afraid to release fat that is the easiest way to explain it all.
You can have water, tea, coffee if you would like, I even drink the “cali-kickers” I like too (more about that when I do my post about lemon benefits).

I think lots of water is important to help flush out everything from the fat to the salt on the nuts. I do only mac nut because of the MCT benefits (see details below) and I don’t have to take time figuring out other foods and weighing them. Even though it doesn’t make any sense, this works whether you are on HCG or not. I didn’t believe it would work till I tried it myself.

So Simply –

I weigh 5 – one ounce servings and put each ounce serving in an individual snack sized Ziplock bag. – Equals 5 small bags. I added a picture to show what the nuts look on the scale. Many people ask how many nuts is one ounce. Since the nuts vary in size that is hard to use as a barometer. Even weighing exactly one ounce is tricky so many times as long as one bag is 98.5 and the next one is a little over 100 I’m not going to sweat it.

Personally I try to don’t dive into the first serving until the afternoon. Of course the better will power you have it would be better to “graze” on the nuts ever so slowly through out the day to keep your body’s “furnace” burning.



The Fat Fast is one controlled carb program where you do have to count calories. You’ll eat 1,000 calories a day, with 75 percent to 90 percent comprised of fat. Frequent feedings prevent hunger better than three meals a day, so you consume five feedings, perhaps one every four hours, comprising 200 calories each. Because of the high fat content and frequent feedings, very few people experience much hunger. The stumbling block for some people is the absence of conventional meals. But most are willing to stick with it for a few days, even if the food selections are unfulfilling.

Why I choose the Macadamia Nut for my FAT FAST food of choice:

Benefits of MCT Oil

Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT) oils are a special class of fats that are digested and handled by the body in a different way than most fats. Most fats are long-chain triglycerides which are difficult to process, so the body prefers to store them in fat cells.

MCT oils are absorbed in the bloodstream, passing the digestion process that longer chain fats go through. MCT oil provides quick energy for the body and therefore is less likely to be stored as body fat. MCTs are such an easy source of fuel, they are even more likely to be burned off than low-fat fare. When MCT is metabolized in the body, it behaves like a carbohydrate not a fat.

Unlike other fats, it does not go through the lymphatic system. Instead, it is transported directly to the liver where it is metabolized and released like a carbohydrate and then is used for fuel. MCT has a thermogenic effect in the body, helping you to stay slim by keeping your body fat levels down while keeping energy levels up. MCT oil is easily absorbed by the body and is therefore ideal for individuals with digestive problems. For those with Crohn’s and irritable bowel syndrome, the healing effects of MCT oil could be beneficial. MCT promotes intestinal health by killing troublesome microorganisms that may cause chronic inflammation.

Diabetics could benefit from using MCT oil as it helps to regulate blood sugar levels. Supplementation of MCT oil began as a fat source to help treat diseases such as cystic fibrosis, obesity and fat malabsorption. Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have used MCT for its fat burning and energy-sustaining powers. It has been found that MCTs burn three times more calories for six hours after a meal than other fats. It is thought that MCTs stimulate production of thyroid hormone, improving thyroid function boosting metabolism.

Athletes benefit from the use of MCT oil for both weight gain and weight loss. Bodybuilders must consume incredible volumes of food to put on size. We have found that adding MCT oil to their diets is an easy way to increase the caloric intake of their food without increasing the volume that they must eat. Since MCT acts like a carbohydrate and not a fat, athletes do not increase their body fat percentages while increasing their calories with this product. Since MCTs are thermogenic, not only are athletes increasing their muscle mass, but they are decreasing their fat percentages at the same time. We have put champion bodybuilders on stage consuming as much as 2000 calories from MCT oil starting 16 weeks from show day and continuing right up to contest day. These athletes have competed at body fat percentages of less than 2% and still maintained a healthy appearance. MCTs help to add flavor to the food that bodybuilders consume. The bodybuilding diet is know to be quite bland, adding MCT to rice and tuna helps to make it quite palatable.

MCT oil is beneficial for any individual who wishes to gain or lose weight, maintain a healthy immune system or maintain constant blood sugar levels. We have used MCTs since the late 1980’s with our high performance athletes. We feel this product has given our athletes an advantage in weight loss over other competitors. It is just now becoming more popular with the general public as a very valuable product for health and weight loss. The athlete’s secret has now become public knowledge. We highly recommend the use of this product for continued good health.

**A warning about the fat fast **
I want to point out two things about this “trick”.
You must go back to strict protocol after doing this (if on P2) or eat super clean afterward (P3&4) to give your body the time to adjust to the flux that just happened to  it.

Basically giving you body a chance to be o.k. with the sudden release and not try to go back to the weight it was before.

The other warning is  – Don’t do this for long, I would say 3 days MAX. I no longer have a gallbladder but those of you that do, the increase of fats in your system could aggravate the gallbladder and cause problems. Quite simply, you certainly don’t want that.

Caution: The Fat Fast is actually dangerous for anyone who is not metabolically resistant. For people who lose weight fairly easily, the rate of weight loss is too rapid to be safe. But it carries very little risk for people who can barely lose on any other regimen.




Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

 One Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar-Give it A Shot

Apple cider vinegar has been hailed as a cure-all dietary supplement, with health benefits ranging from relief from allergy symptoms to helping the body burn fat and lose weight. There are testimonials from people who believe that drinking apple cider vinegar has helped, ME being one of them but is there any evidence to back up these claims?

While a few studies have been conducted on the possible health benefits of apple cider vinegar, the “experts” say the number of people in these studies is typically small, and the evidence is not yet convincing. They say “One or two small studies is not enough to prove a benefit.”

Sorting Out Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Weight loss. The idea that has been floating around is that apple cider vinegar somehow speeds up fat loss. So far there is no scientific evidence based on the small group studies to suggest that apple cider vinegar can affect metabolism, which is the way an individual breaks down food and burns calories.
  • Feeling full. A 2006 study found that people who took doses of vinegar while eating bread reported feeling more full than people who ate bread alone. While this study is considered proof by those who believe in the health benefits of apple cider vinegar, it is important to note that it only tested 12 individuals, and the authors concluded that much more research was needed before firm conclusions could be drawn. This study did not suggest that the way these people burned calories was affected.

BUT let me say from personal experienceWhen I drink just one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar when I feel hungry which is usually when dinner time hunger pains/pangs(however you like to call them)) start to kick in. That uncomfortable sensation goes away almost immediately! Plus I don’t really care about eating like I did before I had the “shot.”

My Challenge to you – Try it yourself for one week on whatever diet plan you are currently doing and just see what happens 😉


  • Cholesterol. A successful study that was done on rats but has yet to be replicated in humans. The study found that rats on a diet with an acetic acid supplement had lower cholesterol levels than rats without the acetic acid supplement. Acetic acid is one of the ingredients in apple cider vinegar and many other kinds of vinegar. For those who believe in the health benefits of apple cider vinegar, this study is promising. But there are other things to consider before assuming that the findings will be true in humans — primarily that there are key differences between the metabolism of rats and humans. The study authors recommend that the next trial be on hamsters, which break down fat in a way that is more similar to humans.
  • Diabetes. A few studies have found that apple cider vinegar helped in the management of diabetes; however, these studies are also limited by their small size. One study, which found that taking vinegar at bedtime reduces blood sugar levels the next morning in people with type 2 diabetes, examined only 11 people. Another study found that taking cider vinegar might have some effect on insulin sensitivity in some diabetes patients, but that research, too, was limited by the small number of people being studied.

Although there is not currently good scientific evidence for a health benefit of apple cider vinegar, this may change in the future. Researchers are still involved in some exciting research about apple cider vinegar, and the future is likely to bring better information.


Here is my last two cents worth – With both apple cider vinegar and lemon juice (I will do a post about what I think about lemons on another post) let’s simplify this thing down. A natural CLEANING solution that works very well is vinegar. Yucky build up on windows, household items and even your hair has been cleaned away by something as simple as vinegar. Who is to say that can’t hold true for helping clean out the “YUCK” in your body. Usually cholesterol, some allergies and excess fat or waste are attributed to an accumulation of sludge that you should want to strip out of your system.

I’m going to throw in one more “cent”.

It is my opinion that the real deal meaning the actually liquid and not pills or capsules saying it has apple cider in them is the most effective.

Ok- I have ran out of pennies for today…Be Well and Be Happy!  


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