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Monthly Archives: September 2012

why not try The HCG Diet??

Why are“they” saying – “Why you should not try The HCG Diet

I Am so Glad I found out about HCG –  it has changed my health and quality of life ALL for the Better!


Oh boy , nothing like making me mad to motivate me to post on my blog!

I subscribe to various email send outs that are about diet,health,fitness and exercise.

I like to know what is out there and also when I find something I think will help all of you I like to share.

Well awhile back  one “fitness guru” put out an email “warning” about HCG…. I poo-pooed it since it was SO silly.


Well the same guru sent it out again but made a few tweaks since the last one.

Now I am the first one to say that if you are NOT on REAL HCG and go on the pounds & Inches protocol you WILL be starving yourself and some of the bad side effects could happen. Not because you are on HCG but because you are basically not eating  and don’t have in your system what HCG has to help your body go after the abnormal fat stores in your body to use as energy.


If these “experts” would simply take a moment before bashing HCG and READ the manuscript then either they will “get it” and back down (though I doubt).


Because they will feel too threatened that the money they are making selling what they want to sell will take a hit they will come on even more fierce against the method.


That is exactly why FDA does what they do. You don’t think they feel threatened when the companies that pay them big bucks might feel the pinch?

OK after that statement if I get hauled away in the middle of the night by the FDA mafia someone please send out a search party and save me before they kill me….. Notice there is no LOL of JK after that…=/


Some of the side effect  “concerns” the email I mentioned I would like to comment on based on my own personal experience.

In 1988 after being on the Weight Watcher plan I had to have gallbladder surgery :(

I wasn’t part of the lawsuit  but after that happened to me I read that weight watchers and similar companies like them along with slim fast were sued because so many people were getting gallstones while on those plans.

In 2009 BEFORE I knew HCG existed I was hospitalized for Blood clots in my right leg. At that time I was about 209lbs and unfortunately was taking the birth control medicine Yaz to help regulate  my cycle :(

My Cholesterol was too high and my Dr. advised that I go on a diet and take Omega 3.

I was also Vitamin D Deficient and had to go on prescription strength vitamin D.

I had breathing issues and my doctors had prescribed an inhaler.Plus I would get heartburn easily (ouch).

My hair was thinning to the point that even my hairdresser was extremely concerned.

Bottom line I was a mess and  just plain felt awful.

I began my HCG journey on January 17th, 2010

Since on my HCG journey

My Cholesterol level is excellent, my heartbeat is fine , and blood pressure perfect!

Since I had past history of vitamin D deficiency when I see my Dr. he will check and the results are always normal now.

My hair is growing really well and my hairdresser comments that fact every time she sees me.She also reminds me how scared she was for me back in 2009.

I never experienced pregnancy like symptoms while on HCG i.e breast soreness, water retention etc. That email claimed that was a side effect too.

My cycle is more regular after starting HCG then before .

No blood clots but I did recently go in for surgery to have the veins that were damaged from the 2009 DVT worked on to help my leg have correct blood flow. Though the Dr. explained after a DVT it is never fully cured. Does anyone know a good attorney for that YAZ  lawsuit??

No heartburn or breathing problems at all…..Money saved rather than spent on prescription med – YAY!

Amazing what getting excess weight OFF will do to help with so many conditions!

I have remained the same size that HCG got me to . My weight may fluctuate a bit which is normal for anyone. I think no matter what weight we are we always think we could maybe lose another 5 lbs, why I don’t know. My male friends say it is a female thing…maybe.

Through all of my dieting history (since I was in grade school) No other diet I have been on has worked as well as the HCG protocol.

Think about it – I started on January 17th 2010. I actually surpassed my original weight loss goal I had set for myself by May 2010

I have been basically maintaining and or playing around a little with some methods (to experiment for you all) since then.

We are about to round the corner to 2013!!!! I’m excited!!! Can you tel!!!

2010-2013 – I think that is pretty darn cool!


Bottomline – I AM so very thankful that some email did not cross my path back in 2009 to deter me from trying HCG and doing the protocol…I have my health back!! :)

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