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Maintaining After HCG Diet

Maintaining After HCG Diet

 Still At Goal!

Lost weight in 2010 it is now 2013


You can Do It Too!

I started my HCG Journey on January 17th, 2010. By May 2010 I was at goal.

It is now January 2013 and I have maintained my weight loss and enjoyed my new size since I hit my goal in 2010.


Of course like anyone at times there have been a bit of gain then loss but I never “outgrew” the clothes I was able to buy after I hit my goal in 2010. On any other diet plans, programs, experiences whatever you prefer to call it I would have had to put the “skinny clothes” to the back of the closet because I couldn’t get them on or zip them up anymore.

I have had “tight” days but always able to wear my goal size.

This year I want to really dig in and be able to help more people lose and then maintain like I have. I encourage you to watch me on you tube. Ask me questions after you watch my vlogs. Please friend me, subscribe,like, and help me help you by asking questions I can answer on my vlogs. My new goal is to do a lot more vlogs this year so I can help a lot more people!

Below is my getting reacquainted vlog from you tube.

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