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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Pet Care Discount

 Pet Assure Helps Me Take Care of My Pets!

belle glasses n bowAnyone who has watched my loseit4ever vlogs on you tube know that I LOVE my Dogs!

Though my website is geared around weight loss, my HCG journey and health tips I want to share this with you so it can help you and your pets.

This isn’t medical insurance for your pet that comes with exclusions like those plans do.

Pet Assure simply gives a discount on Vet visits, medicine, and even food items for your pet.

I REALLY appreciate when I take my dogs in for their vaccines I know that the Pet Assure discount will help lighten the vet bill blow.

It was super easy for me to find a good Vet that was part of the Pet Assure Network and getting the discount is instant and easy.

I LOVE helping people and I LOVE saving Money. So obviously I would LOVE to help YOU save money too. :)

Click here and check it out!


Healthy Mayonnaise Subsitute

Healthy Protein Packed Greek Yogurt “Mayo”



Two things I can’t stand is a dry salad or a dry sandwich.

When it comes to condiments it is great when you can find a way to have a meal that is healthy and yummy!

This recipe has got you next sandwich covered…literally – LOL – Watch out Ezekiel bread you are not going to know what hit you

Greek Yogurt “Mayo” Recipe


1 cup plain Greek yogurt
1 tbsp. of fresh dill, chopped
1/4 cup cucumber, grated
1 small clove of garlic, finely chopped

Dash of salt (optional)


Combine all the ingredients in a bowl.

Now you’ve got a mayo substitute that is yummy while being SO much better for you and your weight GOAL!

Great for P3 & P4 meals :)


Of course you won’t be using the entire cup on your sandwich so when you divide it up if a 6 oz. Fage container is 100 calories (zero fat) compare that to one Tablespoon of Mayo.

When researching for this post I noticed that Mayo brands and how they wished to list the nutritional facts differed greatly. They would list anywhere from 37 calories to 49 and on up to 90 per TB.


mayocaloriesshadowMayo – 1 Tablespoon

I decided since all the calories in Mayo is also all fat I captured a picture which displayed the 90 cal.




Fage Greek Yogurt – 6 oz.

Compare the mayo to the Greek yogurt nutritional value. I think you will agree it is worth trying the recipe and using it as a wonderful alternative. Plus you will be putting “good stuff” in your body for fuel.




This recipe was inspired by Biotrust and my desire to find ways to help people get to their goal and stay there FOREVER!

I really like the Biotrust protein powder. I was hesitant to try it since I liked the Jay Robb so well but once I did I was SOLD!


How to Figure Out Grams and Ounces

Protocol Portion Sizes

How many macadamia nuts equals one ounce?

How many macadamia nuts equals one ounce?


Today’s Help Alert

Comment –

I am just starting and my biggest issue is trying to figure out the grams and oz.

My Recommendation –

When I started the protocol I bought a small scale that weighed in either ounces or grams.

While on P2 weighing out the shrimp or chicken was a cinch using this scale!



Amazon has great prices and I still use my scale especially when I want to do my nut fast.

I just put the mac nuts in the little tray then throw each serving into a snack baggie.


HCG Life Maintenance Q&A

HCG Life Maintenance Q&A


A very sweet HCG You Tuber named Lisa…You Tube channel name – MightyMouse Lisa asked some “VET” HCG You Tube peeps to vlog about how they have maintained since their HCG weight loss journey.

I was honored to be asked to be one of the “VETS”.

Here Are the questions she wanted us to cover –

1. How long have you been off HCG?

2. Have you maintained?

3. Do or did you have emotional eating issues?

4. What measures do you take to keep you from ever having to do to this protocol or any diet ever again?

5. What got you to the point where you knew you had a handle on your stabilization?

6. Any advice on how to stabilize and maintain for life?

Once I began the vlog I realized that one vlog could only be a simple “overview” and it would take several vlogs to be more detailed with each question.For now here is the overview and the individual vlogs on each question will be yet to come.





Setting Goals and Achieving Them

Make Your Goal a REALITY!



I had a wonderful visitor to my website ask me a question and after I answered her reply back began with Happy Day!

This struck a chord with me because during the last part of June I was accessing 2013 and started to get down on myself about my progress for this year. Now in my case it wasn’t a weight loss goal though staying healthy and fit is always part of the mix now-a-days.

It was more about my promise to do more with this website, be more consistent on you tube and stay more connected with the social media that aids in me helping people with their weight loss, health and HCG questions during their journey and beyond.

Plus on a personal level I also made a goal to stay better connected with family and friends.


Well let’s just guess what happened instead. In January I fell on my treadmill then ended up with a very bad infection that almost got me hospitalized.

I’m not saying this as excuses just merely being honest about the fact that I basically allowed myself to be “stuck” in Jan & Feb.

Though time marched on really the only thing I have been consistent with is being a “over the top” good employee for the company I work for ( I put a lot of my own time into helping the clients).

And I make sure  I always exercise. I thought I was also being pretty good at making sure I answered any questions that came my way from you guys.

Then I realized a missed a few and was mortified! Especially the you tube comments. my email stopped sending the alerts to me and I wasn’t logging in so I didn’t even know.

Now here is why I am telling you all this.

Most of us use January 1st as our time to make goals and make positive changes.

What if that new start just didn’t happen the way we planned. July could easily become the month  of self loathing,guilt and despair.I say “No,No,No!!!

Instead of Happy New Year!  – July is Happy Day!!

From this point on we have the FREEDOM (4th of July…get it 😉 ) To start a NEW positive direction!

Let’s do this –  Who is with me?

You know who else motivated me? There is a lovely lady named Connie. Last year she went thought just about every BAD a person could think of. Between health and relationship met downs I could tell when communicating with her she was in the lowest of low places. I honestly didn’t think I had much else I could do to help.

Well wouldn’t you know the last time she reached out to ask how I was  I assumed she would have bad news to share and my heart dropped. INSTEAD…She is doing GREAT! She is on HCG losing fat getting health and is even doing vlogs on You tube – YAY!

When I told her I felt “stuck”  in Jan/ Feb she replied that she could understand if I was “burned out”.

I read that and thought, Oh my GOSH! She is doing great and it looks to her like I’m going through a rough patch.

No burn out for me!!! I plan on Rocking the rest of 2013  –  Who is with me!?

At this point I could list the usual ways people can make a plan and set out to accomplish it.

What I want to do instead is ask those that read this post to comment what they think has worked for them.

Or if someone needs help say what you think the stumbling block is and let all try and help each other get where we want to be.

Weight loss goals, exercise goals, health goals, people goals  – Positive Improvement in any area that you choose will make each day, week and month so much more fulfilling and rewarding!!

Thanks for letting me share this pep talk…My goal in doing so is to help you and ME both. :)



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