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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Why is the word “DIET” Bad?

Believe it or not this post was inspired by a thought I had while watching a segment on TMV Live when I was walking on my treadmill. Mindless TV isn’t so mindless after all – LOL

lolojonesplympicsLolo Jones the Olympic hurdler, who is now hoping to make the Winter Olympic team as a bobsledder said she’s gained some 30 pounds during the past few months. She’s done so by eating 9,000 calories a day on a diet which includes two 1,365-calorie protein shakes and fattening foods.


Why do I bring this up as an example?

Usually when we tell people we are on or going on a DIET the 1st thing that comes to mind is deprivation.

I want us ALL to get out of that mindset.

Whether you are overweight, underweight or at target weight but go to the doctor about maybe something going on with you medically you could be asked, “What is your diet?”

The question isn’t expecting the answer to be HCG protocol, Paleo, low carb, etc.

All that is being asked is, what are you consuming? You know, what are you sticking into your mouth and swallowing on a daily basis.


I believe that once we get out from under thinking our diet is a sacrifice we have to endure and look at our choices as long term healthy changes all will go a lot more smoothly.

We all agree being on P2 has limitations that you will have to live through, but that is the key point. You live through it and as you reap the benefits of the protocol you will transition to other choices like stepping stones. What steps am I talking about? Doing your rounds whether it be P3, cycling and ultimately life maintenance.

As I work and yes I did mean to use the word work to maintain a healthy weight and size I find that my “diet” includes many of the different food choices and ingredients so many TV shows and internet articles recommend as good choices for weight loss, good metabolism, and overall health.

Why am I ok using the word “work”? If you want to be healthy you either naturally make healthy choices or you are mindful of the choices. As you are mindful of your choices something begins to happen that you don’t even realize was happening, it does become natural.

Quite frankly food that you use to want to consume and or think you couldn’t live without doesn’t look appealing. Or your treat foods get a makeover. How your body feels after you eat certain food and how the food tastes changes.

I know if I want to eat a cookie or ice cream the processed stuff is not on my agenda.

I want REAL food and the portion amount is far less to satisfy me than in my overweight past life.

Those of you that haven’t crossed this bridge yet and can’t believe you wouldn’t want certain food you love now don’t fear.

Are there times when processed food is still in my world? Yes sometimes but I must admit when I have gone down that road the anticipation was far greater than the award.

The trigger to eat it? Probably a ghost emotion of how I used to be comforted by that food.  So once I start to eat it I am disappointed and usually throw it away or hand it off to my hubby. Just like anyone would when they take a bite and realize they don’t like it.

To sum all this up my goal by doing this post is to give you HOPE. Fast forward to your healthy weight self and be confident that you will be happy with your choice. And to lessen the blow of the word “DIET.” It is Ok that you are on a diet, everyone who consumes food to live is.

Remember Lolo Jones is consuming over 9000 calories a day and everyone who interviews her asks, “What is your diet?”

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