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Benefits of the Paleo Diet

Doctor Defeats MS with The Paleo Diet

As soon as I saw this video and they said “Please Share” I jump on it.

Here is the thing,

You are probably asking “what does this have to do with losing weight”?

Once you lose the weight you do want to maintain your goal and be healthy doing it don’t you?

Once you get to your goal and realize how much better you feel eating food to be healthy far out weighs eating only because it tastes good.

Sure, I still have days when I decide t treat myself to something that isn’t great for me. But eating Delicious food that is also good for me happens the majority of the time now.

I don’t think any of us want to be plagued with  disease,  accelerate the aging process or just plain feel lousy!

Once you get a handle on what helps fuel your body to run at optimum performance it is tough to ignore.

I admit there are a few foods that are suggested in the video that I don’t care for (organ meats) but adding what you do like and can benefit from should be seriously considered.

Here is the Doctor and not only her story but why the foods are so beneficial!

5 Responses to Benefits of the Paleo Diet

  • VeggieChick says:


    On my first round (43 days plus maintenance) I lost 32 pounds. I am now on my second round and am not losing that fast. In twelve days I have only gone down 5.8 pounds, but if I don’t factor in the load day weight gain, I am only down .8 pounds. Is this normal on the second round? I waited the 6 weeks in between rounds as advised by my Dr. Not sure what I am doing wrong this time. Any suggestions?

    • colleen says:

      How has your inch loss been?
      I think sometimes a persons body will lose on the scale during one round and then lose mainly in inches for the next round. I always figured that was why Dr.S called the protocol, “pounds & Inches”. I remember I had a round where the inches dropped like crazy even though the scale not so much.

      let me know,


      • VeggieChick says:

        I ended up losing only 6 pounds, but lost about 4 1/2 inches on the 2nd round. I am on maintenance now and will do a third round in April, but I am a little disappointed with Round 2 results. I only have about 15 more pounds to lose. In your experience, did you have a harder time losing as you got closer to goal? Any suggestions for Round 3?

        • colleen says:

          Hi –
          I took some time to dig up my old journal and look through my notes. At leas the round I was looking at in the journal showed me a couple of common threads. I was kind of my and down with my commitment during that round. I also say that I realized I couldn’t have something as simple as Crystal light while on P2. I know there is an additive in that product that is bad when you want to lose fat but it wasn’t until I journal-ed it and saw that it was a “gain” culprit. Also inches were more of the success than the pounds. Looking at the scale weight I was pretty much at a weight that was better than my original goal so it could have also been that since the HCG had done what it promised and got rid of the abnormal weight what was left wasn’t what HCG is meant to mess with as much. I also think the different tricks I incorporated as I went along also help counter my “mess-ups” and or when I was dedicated kept the losses consistent. Gosh I hope this makes sense….sometimes I think that treadmill fall really scrambled my brain – LOL. Good news is the MRI came Back OK, and finally the headaches are not an everyday occurrence.I cant remember, did you see my YouTube vlog about all that?
          Anyway have a great weekend!

  • VeggieChick says:


    Thanks for getting back to me. What you said makes sense, because I was not as diligent on my second round, i.e. I didn’t journal what I ate like I did on the first round. I am committed to be more diligent on my third round. I will let you know how it goes. It feels good to hear people say I am skinny again!!
    Careful on those treadmills :).

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