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Mixing HCG for Injections

Daily Dosing Amounts when mixing 5,000 IUs of hCG with 10 ml (10 cc) of sterile water (for “premixed” hcg – you will add only 9 ml of sterile water)

125 IUs daily = 25 units

150 IUs daily = 30 units

175 IUs daily = 35 units

200 IUs daily = 40 units

Daily Dosing Amounts when mixing 5,000 IUs of hCG with 5 ml (5 cc) of sterile water (for “premixed” hcg – you would add another 4ml of water)

125 IUs daily = 12.5 units

150 IUs daily = 15 units

175 IUs daily = 17.5 units

200 IUs daily = 20 units

Written Directions for mixing and injecting hCG

Here are directions for mixing each 5,000 IU vial of hCG.  Make sure that you only mix one at a time and do not mix it until you are ready to start your first injection on your first gorging day.  Use that vial of mixed hCG up completely before mixing the second one.

Make sure you are working on a sterile surface and do not touch your needle back to any surface after you start, to keep it sterile.  Remove the plastic tab lid off of the Sodium Chloride water (30 ml container with the lime green lid) and off the hCG (you will see powder or what looks like a small white tablet in the bottom of the very small hCG vial).  Then clean the tops of the sterile vial (sterile vial has a shiny green metal lid with a rubber stopper in the center), the water and the hCG with an alcohol wipe.   **Descriptions of the bottles are based on what is in my Dosing Kits**
Pull up the plunger on your large mixing syringe to 1 ml.  Then put the needle into the water and inject the air into the water.  Then immediately pull out 1 ml of water.  (It works best if you put the bottle upside down, with the needle underneath the bottle and pull the water out).  Inject that water into the vial of hCG slowly and then withdraw 1 ml of air from the hCG vial, being careful not to draw out any of the liquid.  Then roll the hCG vial between your two hands to completely reconstitute the hCG, with out shaking.  This avoids adding too many air bubbles.
Draw out the liquid hCG, using your mixing syringe again.  Hold the hCG vial upside down and needle underneath the hCG, with just barely the tip of the needle into the bottle, so that you can get out all the hCG.  Then, inject that 1 ml of liquid hCG into your sterile mixing vial.  Repeat the last step of adding 1 ml of water into the empty vial of hCG and drawing out 1 ml of air. Then roll the vial in your hands again.  (This step is just to insure that you got all the hCG out of the vial.)  Then draw out this 1 ml of water from the hCG vial and put it into your sterile mixing vial, with the other 1 ml of liquid hCG.
Now you have 2 ml of liquid hCG in your sterile mixing vial.  Pull up the plunger on your mixing syringe to the 3 ml line.  Inject that air into the water container.  Then immediately pull out 3 ml of water.  (use the same method of the bottle upside down and your needle underneath, when you draw out the water.)  Inject that 3 ml of water into the liquid hCG in the sterile mixing vial.  Now you should have a total of 5 ml liquid hCG in your sterile mixing vial.  You need a total of 10 ml of the water, so repeating the steps above, you will add 3 ml again and then 2 ml, to get a total of 10 ml water added to your hCG.  Roll your liquid hCG between your hands to mix.  Do not shake so that you do not add too many air bubbles.  Some people worry about the air bubbles when injecting.  It is almost impossible to avoid any air bubbles when you are drawing the liquid hCG into your diabetic syringe for daily injections.  This is one reason why I tell people to inject into fat, rather than intramuscular.  After your hCG is mixed, you will want to take a small piece of tin foil and completely cover the glass part of the vial and always keep in the fridge.  Avoid the door of the fridge, since the temperature changes there each time you open the fridge door.  Take the vial out only when you draw out your daily injection and promptly put it back into the fridge.
Your first injection is to be started on your first day of gorging on fatty foods.  You must inject the hCG on both gorging days, so that when you start the low calorie diet on the third day, the hCG is fully into your system and your body is ready to begin the low calorie diet.  You should inject your hCG each morning at the approximately the same time each day.  When you wake up in the morning, you should first use the restroom.  Then take your daily weight and then do your injection.
To prepare your daily injection, you will need to know what daily dose you have decided to start with.  This will determine how much liquid hCG to inject daily.   You will want to stay between 125 – 200 IUs daily.   I usually recommend starting at 150 IUs and then going up to the next step, if you still feeling hungry after a few days.  The diabetic syringes in my kits are 1 cc, which equals 100 units.
Based on the mixture above of 10 ml of the water added to a 5,000 IU vial of hCG, here are the doses.
125 IUs = 25 units
150 IUs = 30 units
175 IUs = 35 units
200 IUs = 40 units
With each injection, you should use a new alcohol swab and clean the top of the sterile mixing vial and your skin where you intend to give the injection.  Put the 1/2 inch diabetic needle into the center of the rubber stopper on the sterile vial with the liquid hCG.  Turn the vial of hCG upside down, with the needle underneath it to make it easier to get hCG without air bubbles.  (You will usually see a very small air bubble inside your syringe above the black stopper.  This is normal and very difficult to get rid of completely.)  I usually draw out more than my daily dose and then push the plunger back in, until you get back to the right number of units for your dosage.  This should help get rid of most of the air bubbles.
I recommend injecting into a roll of fat.  You will want to pinch as big of a section of fat as you can.  This makes the injection easier and helps to keep it painless.  I inject on my stomach below my belly button, about an inch or two to the left or right, alternating sides each day.  Some people would rather sit down and inject into a thigh, or the fatty part of the back of the arm.   You may find that you are less sensitive in one area over another.  After using the alcohol swab, allow the area of your skin to dry, so that the alcohol doesn’t burn when you do the injection.   Put the 1/2 inch diabetic needle straight into your skin, not an an angle.  Then slowly inject the hCG.  Once in a while you may get a small dot of blood, or a small sensitive red spot where you injected.  If you find that to be a sensitive area, just inject somewhere else after that.  It may sound daunting at first, but you will be a pro after a few days!

47 Responses to Mixing HCG for Injections

  • K.owens says:

    love it all but im still having problems with ordering seems like a new site pops up everyday, i really need your help if you could email me. P.S. you look amazing times 100

  • Renee says:

    Where do I purchase the injections?
    Thanks for your time!
    God Bless You!

  • Linda says:

    Hello Colleen,

    Thank you for sharing with us out here, you have inspired me in so many ways and I am very grateful!!!…I wanted to know if you can use the left over Bacteriostatic water and if so do you leave it at room temp or refrigerate it?



    • colleen says:

      Hi Linda,

      Yes as long as the water is in its original vial it is fine. Not that you have to but I prefer to refrigerate my supplies.

  • A Lilly says:

    Hello Colleen,

    Thank you for sharing your HCG success on this website. What is premixed HCG and does it work as well?

    Thanks again!


    • colleen says:

      Hi Lilly,

      I will need to look into premixed a bit more. I feel quite suspect with some of the types of “HCG” that are being sold now (drops etc)
      I’m glad I used the method I did and would do it all the same if I were to do it again.

      Colleen =)

  • gabe says:

    Hi I have a vile of hcg it says 5,000 on it, its in japanes so I can’t read it. I was wondering how many injections if I inject 1 ml weekly I can get out of this bottle. How much sterile do I use.

    • colleen says:

      Hi Gabe,
      Sorry I don’t completely understand your question. How much bac water to mix with is in the post along with how much to mix with 5000 iu HCG.
      Please clarify, do you plan to inject once a week? If this is correct you should be injecting daily. The amount of units per dose is also in the post.
      I understand the product you have is in another language but as long as you can tell that the product is fresh and the 5000 iu is correct any other directions that come with the medicine wouldn’t pertain. For example the little bac water that comes with the product is usually disposed of and you use the bac water you bought separately.
      Yet since I don’t know how you acquired you HCG I don’t know if you bought it from a place that also provided a mixing kit etc. But I would think if you did you wouldn’t need to ask the question you did.
      Good luck with your journey!

  • Sandy says:

    Hi Colleen,
    How fab is this diet?! You look great. Okay , Im just a little confused..How does
    mixing a 5000ie amp or HCG with less water (5ml) for the 23day injections vs more water (10ml) for the 43 day work out ? It just seems to me the less water the more potent the product !? The more water the longer it goes but seems it would dilute the substance or HCG in this case more !? I wont argue all the vlogs say the same but just thought you would need double the hcg & water for the longer dosing !?
    Let me know…I’m mixing my first batch for my 2nd round 43 days. Went thru a Diet Doctor on 1st round. Thank you , Sandy

    • colleen says:

      Hi sandy,

      I’m going to look into your question further. I always did a 43 day round so didn’t pay attention about the 23 day round. But now since I’m asked questions I want to be able to be clear about the answer.
      Keep me updated on your progress!

      Colleen :)

  • Miscah says:

    I have resently started the HCG, however I have been using drops. I would like to convert over the the injection, but was wondering would I have to start all over with my 2 gorge days. I plan on doing 45 days, and I’m 14 days in, with a 14lb weight loss! I just expected the injections to be more costly then what they are. Just so I’m understanding this correctly… If I plan on doing roughly 30 more days with injections taken at lets say 200ml per day…How many vials will i need to order. I am still confused about this process.
    Your blog has been very informative for and answered alot of other questions that I still had. Thanks for the inspiration and hope to hear from you soon!

    • colleen says:

      Congrats on your great releases on this round. Since I don’t know how much you want to lose to get to your goal it is tough to tell you how much to order. I prefer to buy 3 vials at a time simply because if I have to pay the shipping and handling I figure it ends up being more economical. Once you have the vials they store for quite sometime as long as they are not mixed. Once you mix is when it is only good in the fridge so you can complete your 40 day round. You also need to give time for it to arrive. If you are doing the drops and the vial came quick enough that you could transition you don’t need to load. If you go off of HCG for longer than 14 days then you should load before the next round. Bare in mind I admit that I have “load-phobia”.. I don’t know what you have been spending on drops but buying the HCG for injections and the supplies on your own is WAY less expensive than going to the high priced clinics. And a lot less than many other diet plans that people invest in. Hope this helps! :)

  • Rene Reyes says:

    Hello, You look beautiful! and your body is just fantastic. I’m so encourged you can’t even know. So since I am a newbie here… 5’2 158 lbs goal weight & dream weight 110 for my build. Do I start off on a 23 or 43 day with one daily shot ? then go for the 6 weeks off to maintain and start again if needed? Thank you so much Rene

    • colleen says:

      Hi Rene,
      I would do a 40 day round and yes one shot per day. And to do protocol correctly you are right about taking the break to lock in your new “set point”.
      Please keep me updated on how you are doing :)

  • Rene Reyes says:

    Hello HCG Guru,

    Was really on the fence about whether I should go with drops, sub-lingual or shots. After seeing your results it’s the shots. Read the material and watched your dosing vlog, but I’m a little hardheaded so just to be sure…..for a 40 day round with one shot a day at 125 I mix 5000 iu with 10 ml bacteriostatic water.(lasting me the 40 days) Followed with another 3 days of vlcd, followed by 3 or 6 weeks? of eating with gradual food increase fats but no sugars or carbs. Weighing myself daily not to exceed 2 pounds correct? Thank you sooo much Colleen you are truly a godsend!

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  • Tusmaat says:

    Where do you get the remaining supplies? ie: 3ml mixing syringe, 10 ml mixing vial and the daily syringes?

    • colleen says:


      You can get the items individually from online stores like Amazon. Or if you don’t mind spending more you could get a kit… I got a kit for my first round from If you do that let Amanda know I sent you. I don’t get anything from her but I think it is nice for her to know. :)

  • Kerry says:

    On a 23 day plan using 2000 ampules how many units per day should I inject?

    • colleen says:

      Hi Kerry,

      So I can give you the correct info did you mix with 10 bac water or 5?I know recently a lot of people have opted for cutting the bac water amount in half but that then changes how much to dose.

  • Michelle says:

    I am trying to order but I am confused. I found the 5000 of HCG. So I am good there. When I look for Bacteriostatic water nothing comes up. What type of syringes do I need. I found one website where you could order a kit but it was $225. Do you think the kit is a better deal?

    • colleen says:

      Hi Michelle,
      The very first time I did the HCG protocol I ordered the HCG separately like you but then ordered a kit from Amanda at
      It was easier to have all the other supplies sent in a kit then after that I could always reference what was in the kit to order more supplies when I needed them from Amazon etc. Last I knew the Bac water(mixing water) was tough to get. How they can claim there is a shortage is beyond me. Anyway, the kit was more than buying all separately but not near the $225 price tag you mentioned.Though the kit prices could have all gone up because of the Bac water “shortage”.
      Hope this helps and keep me posted on how you do.
      Colleen :)

  • Michelle says:

    Do you do any phone counseling?

    • colleen says:

      Hi Michelle,

      I’m sorry not at this time. I still need to get better about allotting time for more consistent posts on this blog and to do you tube vlogs. But you know what I just had an idea. If you ask me your questions I could do a vlog to answer them. I of course would not say “who” is asking but I can say what the question is and answer it. Plus not only would this help you but think of all the other pepole that probably have the same question we both would be able to help.

      What do think of that idea?

  • Cloe F. says:

    Hi Colleen: Thank you for all your recommendations. I would like to do the shots better than the drops, but what I don’t like is the black and blues marks that I get from the shots. What do you do to avoid these terrible marks.

    • colleen says:

      Hi Cloe,

      it all depends on where you inject. I first started by doing it in the tummy area I was more prone to getting a bruise. But once I did it closer to the back (butt/hip) area where nurses usually will inject a shot it is far more likely you wont feel it and there won’t be a bruise either. Until you get use to aiming using a bathroom mirror will help you know where you will “land’.

      Hope that helps!

  • Michelle says:

    I tried the Drops and by the third day – I was at work and I thought I was going to passout. Should I feel that bad? I lost 7 pounds but I could not do it any longer. I guess I will try the shots. What is the level of hungry I should feel? Should I feel like I am going to passout?

    • colleen says:

      Hi Michelle,

      There are so many products out there now claiming to be HCG it sound to me like you might be on one of those. If the drops were mixed with RX HCG and used Sub-lingual you should feel light headed. Even on the injections I did feel hungrier than I thought I should for almost the whole first week. I remember up until the Friday of that week I was afraid I was going to be the oddball that the protocol wouldn’t work on. Then on that Friday in the afternoon I realized I wasn’t caring about eating and I thought, “oh this is the feeling they are all talking about”. I think it takes our system a few days for the HCG to get to the correct level in our body. I also think it depends on how a person loads.If you load with sugary stuff instead of good fats I think coming off the sugar can cause lightheaded symptoms too.

      I hope this helps!

  • Patricia says:

    Hello Colleen,

    Is there a difference in mixing with sterile bac water versus sterile bac water that has sodium chloride in it ? I ordered the bac water with sodium chloride and the medical supply sent me just the plain sterile bac water?

    • colleen says:

      Hi Patricia,

      I am not a doctor or nurse so my advice is based solely on my personal experience. The bac water I used did not have sodium chloride in it. Because that is a salt I wonder if people that mix with that one maybe experience water retention…Hum…

  • Lori Gonzalez says:

    I am worried that my hole in my bottle i use everyday has gotten too big. It leaks little drops when I am drawing out with the syringe. Should I be concerned it is contaminated?

    • colleen says:

      Hi Lori,
      I would transfer the contents to a new bottle tot be on the safe side.
      The more air tight and away from light the better.

      Happy New Year!

  • Janet says:

    Hi, I purchase 5000 iu val, i used 5cc Bacteriostatic water to mix it. Is tis correct. I am in day 9 of my diet.


    • colleen says:

      Hi janet,
      That is correct depending on your dosing.
      When 5cc are mixing the dosing breakdown is –
      125 IUs daily = 12.5 units

      150 IUs daily = 15 units

      175 IUs daily = 17.5 units

      200 IUs daily = 20 units

      How many IU’s are you doing?

  • Janet says:

    Thanks, I started off with 175 IUs . Do you think thats correct?

    • colleen says:

      Hi Janet,

      It all depends on how you feel with that dose.
      If you are doing a 23 day round and that dose is eliminating hunger that should work fine.

  • Janet says:

    Just for clarity. If I should say that I wanted to do 43 days, would the 5000 IU would be able to do that if i mix it with 10 cc Bacteriostatic water. And also, what is/ or what would you recommended the dose to would be for 23 days.

    • colleen says:

      Hi Janet,
      Because you have already drawn from the mixture I don’t think it is a good idea to dilute the mix.
      Also because of what I learned after I did my rounds I think the 23 day rounds have an overall better impact than the 43.
      I did cycling when I did my rounds and explained what that is here on my website.
      Personally I was glad I did it that way rather than the full P3 duration.

  • Tim says:

    Hello, I am a little confused. How many injections do I get from 5000 of HCG and 5 ML of water? If I am injecting everyday, that only gives me about 4-5 doses correct?

    • colleen says:

      Hi Tim,
      It will all depend on how large a dose you decided to do. I have a copy of Pounds & inches on the my website if you want to research further (mixing starts on page 65).
      On my rounds I always mixed for 40 day rounds and mixed with 10 ML of Bac water. If I were to do all over again I would opt for the shorter 21 day rounds. But I probably would have still selected to cycle instead of doing a full Phase 2 duration.That decision was completely based on my lack of patience.

      Based on the mixture of 5 ml of the water added to a 5,000 IU vial of hCG, here are the doses.
      125 IUs = 12.5 units
      150 IUs = 15 units
      175 IUs = 17.5 units
      200 IUs = 20 units

  • Tim says:

    Thanks, sorry I am still confused. How many units are in a 3 ML syringe? I am from Canada and am having difficulty finding a syringe with units on it.

    • colleen says:

      Hi Tim,

      You should be able to purchase insulin syringes.
      The mixing syringe is a lot bigger and 3 ML would be way too much HCG dosage wise.
      For example on the insulin syringe my dosage was around the 20-25 mark.But like I said before I mixed more bac water with the HCG.
      I looked at one of my insulin syringes and the entire 50 unit syringe equates to 1/2 cc ml.

      I hope that helps!

  • Elise says:

    I see that you have 2 mixing instructions. One with 5ml of sterile water and the other 10ml of sterile water. Which mixing instructions do you use, or is there a difference? Why 2 mixing doses?

    • colleen says:

      Hi Elise,

      At the time I was doing my rounds and mixing batches for the longest rounds I always mixed using 10 ml. i couple of time more recently when I was mixing for only a 21 day round and mixed with 5ml and injected a smaller dose because obviously the HCG was more concentrated. Either mix is fine as long as once you inject you figure out where the right dose is for you. You want to be sure you are using the right amount to achieve consistent fat release without hunger.Follow the dose examples but understand you may need to adjust because everyone’s system is a bit different.

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