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HCG Updates and Information

I Share Weight Loss Tricks, Tips, Recipes for Healthy Eating & MUCH More!

This website started with my personal HCG weight loss journey.

Now I share about my maintenance.

Maintenance is not as exciting as when I was on a “round” and vlog my daily results.  But my website has information from when I was on my Phase 1 rounds and since achieving my goal.

I share tricks and tips, recipes for healthy eating,& MUCH More!

You can find my before and after body shots in my videos on you tube and on this website.

If you are reading this after watching one of my videos about  HCG or a certain subject you can type in the search box located on the right hand side below the donate button.

Example if you want to know more about “Cycling” type that in and my post on that method will come up.

Please Remember:

I am not a doctor or in the medical profession. If you decide to follow this weight loss method it is up to you to do your due diligence and research and or if you so choose check with your doctor.
I have battled my weight since childhood and have tried just about every weight loss method. I have not done any surgeries for weight loss (lap band, gastric bypass etc.)
I am excited about what HCG and the Dr Simeon’s protocol was able to do for me and hope to help many others achieve success with their personal weight loss goals.

Please check out my You Tube Channel for my full Journey.

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