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HCG Sublingual

When deciding to do this website my intent is to help HCGers with their journey. Covering everything from my experiences, where to get supplies that are affordable and other tricks and tips that I have discovered or have found out about. I want to share and help so others can experience success and the health benefits that I did.
From the beginning I choose injection but one of my original mentors that I discovered on was mamaclok (Channel name).
She does sub-lingual and offers kits on ebay. She is a great person and resource for those who choose sub-lingual. She just put out a vlog that answers all the FAQ’s for sub-lingual.

HCG Diet: Sublingual dosing FAQ

To Get Sublingual Kit

Sublingual Ebay Store

4 Responses to HCG Sublingual

  • Reet says:

    Hey there I saw ure video and was v v impressed…well done!!cngrats…So i am trying the mac nut fast… I tried it with all other stuff yesterday n failed miserably …gained .8lb…. So nw am giving ure method a shot…hpe it works !!!
    Hey I gt a few questions… Is there a specific amount of water we have to drink in mac fast?
    And I am also interested in buying hcg…so are inj better than sublingual( I am using homeopathic drops n want to shift to rx) .
    Are u injecting yourself or do you need help?
    Last one….if I transition from homeopathic p2 to rx do I have to do the p3 with homeopathic and then start or can I skip it?
    Plz plz help…n sry for soooo many questions

    • colleen says:

      Hi –
      I think it is best to drink plenty of water when on the Mac nut fast.
      The water helps flush out the fat as far as I’m concerned(2 quarts is good).
      When I did HCG I always did injections and gave myself the shot. I used the company I have a link to on my website. Just click on Order HCG Online that is near the top of the page. If you don’t want to do a full P3 you could cycle by just going off for no more than 14 days then start a new round. I have a post that explains cycling in detail too. I refer to what I have already written only because I don’t type fast at all but want to be sure you still get the full info.
      I think I covered your questions but if I missed something please let me know and let me know your results after the fast.
      Colleen :)

  • Rubina Ahmad says:

    Can you please tell me where I can order Compounded HCG Cream ? I can not do needles. Please help

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