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Weight and Measure Charts

Measurement Diagram

Where to measure on your body

Coming soon – A CHART to track your results~

Weight Chart

Height  Small Frame  Medium Frame   Large Frame

4’10”     102-111             109-121                   118-131

4’11”       103-113           111-123                    120-134

5’0″        104-115           113-126                    122-137

5’1″         106-118          115-129                     125-140

5’2″        108-121          118-132                     128-143

5’3″        111-124           121-135                      131-147

5’4″        114-127           124-138                     134-151

5’5″        117-130           127-141                     137-155

5’6″        120-133          130-144                    140-159

5’7″        123-136          133-147                     143-163

5’8″       126-139           136-150                    146-167

5’9″       129-142            139-153                    149-170

5’10”     132-145            142-156                    152-173

5’11”      135-148           145-159                     155-176

6’0″       138-151           148-162                     158-179

6 Responses to Weight and Measure Charts

  • Lilian Voden says:

    These are great; thank you so much for sharing.

    Kind Regards,

  • Ellen O'Coin says:

    I just found your website and I’m+ so happy I did. In the past I’ve purchased my hcg from Pounds and Inches Away, a group started in St. Louis, I believe. I am confident in the quality they sell but I can’t find out their source. They charge $100 for 2 oz. of liquid and I was looking for a source that would be cheaper but still authentic.

    The chart you have for height and weight above seems low for a women over 65. Does the chart take into consideration sex and age? It seems it should.

    • colleen says:

      Hi Ellen – Sorry the chart doesn’t factor in age. When I asked my MD if I could lose any more weight and still be considered healthy he didn’t base his answer on my age either. All he did was verify my height before he said his answer to me. I’m not saying that factoring in age is wrong, I’m just glad that I don’t determine my goals based on it. I feel more like a teen or 20 something person now than when I was those ages – YAY! Now as far as sex, yes the chart is for females. I need to get on the ball and create one for guys-thanks for pointing that out!

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  • Help. How much sterile water do I add
    I received 1 vial of corian c-5000 and Solvent 1ml.
    Please advise

    • colleen says:

      Hi Beckyjane,
      Here is the link to my step by step mixing instructions – Mixing
      Don’t use the solvent that came with the HCG.
      Thanks for asking!

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