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HCG RX Mixing Instructions for Injection Method

HCG RX Mixing Instructions for Injections

I had done a Video showing a HCG being mixed

but  thought it would help to post the 10 easy steps along with pictures 

HCG Mixing Supplies








Supply List

Alcohol Prep Pads  Alcohol Prep Pads

Bac Water – 1 Bottle Bacteriostatic Sterile Water for Injection, 30ml USP

Mixing Vial – 1 – Sterile Empty Vial 10ml

Mixing Syringe – 3ML SYRINGE/NEEDLE 25 Gauge

Diabetic syringes , .5cc, 30 gauge, 5/16″ needle – Easy Touch Insulin Syringes

You will need enough to use one per day


My favorite “GO TO” for ordering –

HCG comes in different brand names – I have used Hucog, Corion, and Noverall


10 Easy Step by Step HCG Mixing Instructions:


1 – Make sure you are working on a sterile surface and do not touch your needle back to any surface after you start, to keep it sterile


2 – Remove the plastic tab lid off of the Bacteriostatic water (30 ml container with the pink lid) and off the HCG (you will see powder or what looks like a small white tablet in the bottom of the very small HCG vial).


3 – Then clean the tops of the sterile vial (sterile vial has a shiny green metal lid with a rubber stopper in the center), the bacteriostatic water and the HCG with an alcohol wipe.

Vial of HCG before mixing

HCG Vial


4 – Pull up the plunger on your large mixing syringe to 1 ml.  Then put the needle into the bacteriostatic water and inject the air into the water.  Then immediately pull out 1 ml of water.  (It works best if you put the bottle upside down, with the needle underneath the bottle and pull the water out).



5 – Inject that water into the vial of HCG slowly and then withdraw 1 ml of air from the hCG vial, being careful not to draw out any of the liquid.


6 – Swirl HCG vial gently DO NOT SHAKE to completely reconstitute the hCG, with out shaking.  This avoids adding too many air bubbles.


7 – Draw out the liquid HCG, using your mixing syringe again.  Hold the hCG vial upside down and needle underneath the HCG, with just barely the tip of the needle into the bottle, so that you can get out all the HCG.


mix ml bac water 150x150

1 ml bac water



8 – Then, inject the 1 ml of liquid HCG into your sterile mixing vial.





9 – Pull out 3 ml of bacteriostatic water 3 times for a total of 9 ml of Bac water added to the 1 ml of HCG in the mixing vial  (use the  method of the bottle upside down and your needle underneath, when you draw out the water.)

bac water

Add 3 ml bac water 3X




10 – Now that the HCG is mixed it must be kept refrigerated. Store in a safe area of the fridge where the cold temperature will be most consistent




hcg syringe ready for injection

HCG Dose Example

I prefer to load the syringe just past the “20” mark but less that “25” That seems to be my “sweet spot” . You may need to adjust depending on if you experience hunger etc.


I have always purchased the 5000 iu which will mix for a 40 day round. If you want to freeze after mixing you can as long as you load the individual syringes then freeze.



Note  – There is another mixing method that uses less Bac water. I tried that mixing method but when I went back to the total of 10ml was more satisfied.

Every body is different so I am just letting you know my personal experience.





16 Responses to HCG RX Mixing Instructions for Injection Method

  • Kewpie says:

    Thanks for the breakdown. Your video was my first for the RX a while ago.
    I froze my last batch and will start a new round July 11th. I would like to lose 8 pounds to get back to goal. I am going to come to your web site every day! hahaha
    I guess I should test the frozen rxHCG, right? I bought from Reliable too. 5000.
    I have insomnia and that is hard on ketosis and HCG dieting for me. I read people take Benedryl for it. What are your thoughts?


    • colleen says:

      Hi Kewpie,

      For peace of mind you could test your frozen HCG. I didn’t and I was quite pleased with how it was though I didn’t have very much left that I froze.
      As far as the Benedryl make sure there isn’t any sugar or sugar substitutes in it ( if you are taking the liquid)that would slow your releases.
      Have you tried Melatonin or any of the many calming teas that are out on the market? Benedryl and I saw that NyQuil has a sleep only product now too.But for me medicine like that tends to make me feel sluggish in the morning.
      Have a Happy 4th and keep me posted!
      Colleen :)

      • Terri says:

        Hi Colleen,

        I really, really appreciate your mixing instructions and they are so easy to follow. My only question is – with 5000 iu mixed for a 40 day round – do you fill the syringe daily as needed OR do you prefill 40 syringes and refrigerate? Am I correct in assuming that you only want to freeze it if you want it to last beyond the 40 days? I want to do it correctly and make sure that the last dose of hcg is as potent as the first dose.

        What did you do?

        Also, what is the best way to store the extra two vials of hcg until I need it for my second and third round? (I ordered 3 vials of 5000 iu from reliable).

        Thanks so much for help. You’re such a wonderful person and your guidance is invaluable!


        • colleen says:

          Hi Terri,
          Freezing is done when you need to save a batch that has already been mixed.
          When doing a round I prefer to fill the syringe each day. The rest of the mixed HCG is stored in the mixing vial in the area of your refrigerator that will stay the most consistent in temperature.For Example; don’t put it in the door of your fridge since temp will change because of people opening and closing the door.
          The other 2 vials that remain unmixed until you are ready for another round I prefer to store in the refrigerator(though not mandatory).

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  • Robin says:

    Hi Colleen.
    I tried to order the hcg online from the website you recommended and it said I may need a prescription. Did you find that you needed one? Also, did they contact your doctor?

    • colleen says:

      Hi Robin,

      I never had an issue.
      Even though is says that you don’t need it and they don’t contact a doctor.
      Colleen :)

  • Linda says:

    If the Box of HCG powder says NOT TO FREEZE yes.. its right there on the Box from Hucog to Ovidac to Corion and that’s before mixing, why don’t you think by freezing that its chemical make up wont be ruined by doing so? Doctors tell their Fertility patients to NEVER freeze their meds .
    If its says don’t freeze don’t freeze as now your ruining your HCG and rendering it unusable.
    So basically you’re now using a placebo.

    • colleen says:

      Hi Linda,

      I appreciate your input on the subject.

      During my rounds when reducing I always used the HCG till it was gone, I didn’t freeze it. Once when I mixed a batch then didn’t do a round I froze the mixed HCG in pre filled syringes.I filled them with more per syringe than my usual dosage as per recommended by a science friend that I know does a lot of HCG and other research. He based adding more per on potency decline after freezing. I learned about this late in the game. Last I tested the frozen batch it still came up positive for HCG. But I do definitely prefer that a round is done with a freshly mixed batch of HCG.

  • Marilyn Kenoly says:

    I am doing my research and found your site to be most helpful. I will start the journey this month. For the younglady experiencing insomnia, I would just like to say to request a Vitamin D3 test. It is a separate test from the regular blood test. If it is low, under 50ng/ml you are deficient. Be sure the doctor prescribes Vitamin D3 and not Vitamin D2. Vitamin D3 is what releases melatonin and helps to absorb calcium. Calcium is what helps you stay asleep and magnesium is a natural tranquilizer that helps you to fall asleep. Take calcium in the day and magnesium just before bedtime. There ya have it! Take at least 2500 IUs Vitamin D3 per day and calc/mag 2:1. You will see improvement in about 3 months! Take it from me, the woman who suffered with chronic insomnia for 14 months! I did not take the sleeping pills and anti-depressants because I wanted to find out what went “wrong” and fix it. Now I’m sleeping like a baby. I did it so you won’t have too!!! Blessings……

  • Barbara says:

    As many I need help too. I have ordered Hucog from India witch Is premixed. Do I have to mix it with bacteriostatic water or just sterile water?
    Thank you for your help.

  • Barbara Moia says:

    Hi Coleen
    I have bought Hucogh premixed.
    Can I use sterile water for mixing dosage or should I use bacteriostatic water?
    Thank you

    • colleen says:

      Hi Barbara,
      The HCG I have used needs bacteriostatic water added. The water that comes with the HCG isn’t enough quantity wise so I don’t use it.I get a separate bacteriostatic water to add to the HCG vial.

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