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Benefits of the Paleo Diet

Doctor Defeats MS with The Paleo Diet

As soon as I saw this video and they said “Please Share” I jump on it.

Here is the thing,

You are probably asking “what does this have to do with losing weight”?

Once you lose the weight you do want to maintain your goal and be healthy doing it don’t you?

Once you get to your goal and realize how much better you feel eating food to be healthy far out weighs eating only because it tastes good.

Sure, I still have days when I decide t treat myself to something that isn’t great for me. But eating Delicious food that is also good for me happens the majority of the time now.

I don’t think any of us want to be plagued with  disease,  accelerate the aging process or just plain feel lousy!

Once you get a handle on what helps fuel your body to run at optimum performance it is tough to ignore.

I admit there are a few foods that are suggested in the video that I don’t care for (organ meats) but adding what you do like and can benefit from should be seriously considered.

Here is the Doctor and not only her story but why the foods are so beneficial!

Weight Loss Research Beyond HCG

  Weight Loss Research


lab rat 175X175Like I mentioned in a recent post the beginning 2012 was a bit turbulent and I broke one very important rule. I didn’t visit my scale during that time and since my clothes were still fitting didn’t think there would be an issue. But guess what? Once I did decide to jump on the scale the numbers had increased and that is no bueno!

Good news is I am already rounding the corner to the numbers my body and mind are happier at :)


← What size jean does this little guy wear?



If you are cool with it, I would like to touch on a couple of things that I have been thinking about –

 Don’t Let Crabs in Life Drag you Down!

1 – I had kind of a “hater” if you want to call it that comment on one of my older youtube vlogs when I showed that I had made it into size 25 jeans. I’m pretty sure I complained then that the video seemed to make me look bigger than I was. Another HCGer told me I had the computer at a bad angle etc. But also in Vegas when I met everyone in person they all were on my case in a nice way telling me “You are done, you don’t have anymore to lose” They said the videos were not doing what I really looked like justice.

 Breaking Ground Research!

2 – Now let’s go forward and like I mentioned at the beginning of this post I had a tough start to the year and I gained a little back. Probably about the same as a person that never grew up with a weight problem would given the circumstances. Just as I was going to buckle down to get that tad bit off so my smallest jeans could fit more comfortable (we all like wiggle room).

I was asked to test something. I highly respect the person who asked and know that his motivation is to help so many conquer their weight issue. And I know the respect he has for the original protocol and Dr Simeons research. Between knowing he and I are on the same page when it comes to helping people. And as everyone knows I admit to being a Lab Rat I agreed to gaining a bit more (basically same as loading). This task was the toughest for me who also admits to being “Load-phobic”. But he helped me understand on the scientific level why it is so important.


Mum’s the Word!

For the sake of science and respecting his research I can not say anymore till he gives me the green light. But if it keeps going as well as it has he is going to be able to help a ton of people and that really is exciting to be a part of!

Stay tuned from the shrinking woman… Oh – and if that “Crab” who said “you don’t look like you wear size 25 jeans” ever comes across this post maybe I need to find someone to help me with a video so we can turn back the waistband of the jeans while they are ON MY BODY  to display the number…OY – some people! – LOL….Gotta Love them anyway :)


Oh, and one other thing – My next goal is to get my blog cleaned up so it is easier for everyone to find what they need so please have patience while I am in that process.



Phase 1 HCG -The Don’t Do List

 Phase 1 and Beyond HCG -The Don’t Do List

the dont do listNever mind Phase 1- The Majority of of this List is Important to Take Seriously if you are Serious About Your Health


The Don’t List

• No Microwaving
I’m at least careful of what I use in the microwave . For example. Watch out for the type of container our leftovers in in. Don’t cover with plastic wrap before re-heating etc.
But for the Nuts & Bolts Theory and to be be sure your are protected from potential harm Google “the risk of microwave cooking”.
• Don’t Eat Farm Raised Fish
There is So MUCH Research especially based on salmon – Goggle it for yourself and see what you find out!

• Don’t Drink a lot of Ice Cold Drinks
It is a free country so I’m entitled –
I beg to differ; it is my opinion that drinking cold water can help the body burn more calories because it has to work to regulate the internal body temperature.

• No Lotions or Creams
This one I feel is a matter of common sense.
What you put on your skin absorbs into your system.
Take the time to really Know what you are using. I don’t go without anything, simply do your homework.
• Be in Fluorescent lighting
Artificial light adversely effects our bodies. Simply Goggle “fluorescent light health risks” to find out what it does to our bodies hormone levels that are associated with stress and how it can flare other life crippling maladies.

I had a boss that made a point to not work in fluorescent lighting even though the rest of us had no choice. If you work in a office environment that you do not have control over do not beat yourself up about it. Simply do what you can within your means to change the lighting that you can. Or educate the co-workers you can influence to make a change.

• No drugs OTC or Other
Many drug side effects “small print” will list weight gain etc. as a reaction that can happen when taking.
Ask you doctor first!
If you are on meds prescribed by your doctor I do not think it is a good idea to stop cold turkey

The Rest of this list is what I call the “No Duh” List – LOL
Don’t Eat Trans Fats
Don’t Eat Fast Food
Do Not Consume High Fructose Corn Syrup
Do Not Consume Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
Do Not Eat Foods with Nitrates
Do Not Eat Foods with Artificial Sweeteners

Let’s face it – a blog post could be dedicated to each one of these!
For example; Aspartame-ew


Succeed on HCG with or without Doing This

HCG Phase One Wellness Do List

wellness do listDo’s that are Listed I Have Not Done…Or At Least Not All






  • Organic

The first two I would like to transition into doing. I DO some organic but not all…yet  

Eat only Organic Meat and Dairy

Eat 100 % Organic food
The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter


  • Eating Habits

The Next three we have all heard are Good to Do- Who reading this has got this down cold?… I have yet to –

Eat Breakfast

Eat 6 meals per day

Eat dinner before 6:00 p.m.


  • Eat salad with lunch and dinner
  • Eat 100 grams of protein before bed

I have heard that this is good I just haven’t done it as a habit


  • Drink Chamomile Tea

Calm is good 😉 Drink ChamomileTea
when you’re feeling stressed or anxious. Stress wreaks havoc on your hormonal systems and promotes fat gain, especially belly fat. Stress reduction efforts help you regulate stress hormones and lose weight.

  • Colonic

I think there are easier and simpler ways to accomplish the end result

 (no pun intended)

I understand why sweating out toxins is a good thing but don’t have access to one

  • Get Massages before phase 2

I           in Phase 2 the massage oil can mess up your fat releases

I agree there are a lot of benefits to doing Yoga
namely staying flexible as we age is vital.

    • Listen to De-Stress CD’s

Stress-Proof Your Brain

I purchased some good habit forming Cd’s you are suppose to listen to while you sleep. They haven’t arrived yet. I will keep you posted on how they worked

  • Lift Weights

I agree having more toned muscle is good.

I don’t lift everyday but I do light Hand Weights
at least 3 times a week.

  • Have a Clean Shower Filter

I would like to switch mine out to a Filtered Showerhead
but the darn thing is stuck


  • Cleanse

The Next Two-

By Way of Supplements
Heavy Mineral Cleanse

Liver Cleanse

Sorry I didn’t put these 2 in my “Have Done List” I have a Detox Foot Bath Machine

As I was working on this post it dawned on me the machine I have would be this type of cleanse as well.

I will do a post later explaining my experience with the machine, why I got it and a picture of what it looks like.


The Next 2 Are things that make me go Hum

    • Electromagnetic Chaos Eliminator – I will have to look into this one
  • Reduce Air Conditioning – I didn’t quite grasp why staying cool  would cause a slow down in weight loss. I know  part of the Thermogenesis Theory is to dress so your body will keep trying to stay warm or be in a cold environment.


  • Take These Supplements –

A Whole Food Product

Coral Calcium


Acetyl L-Carnitine

Krill Oil

Vitamin E

Natural Calm
– I use and like this magnesium powder… Can that count?

Take a product to Eliminate or Reduce


Parasite Detox

Regulate Insulin – Blood Sugar


Boy if you followed this to a “T” your BODY would be in INCREDIBLE SHAPE inside and out and have a Wealth of Health!


But if you were not financially well off when you started, your credit card balance will have increased or your bank balance would have decreased.

Use discernment and incorporate what you want when you can.

What Skincare Product Can I Use On HCG ?

HCG & Skincare Products

na-PCA,Enjoy,Redken,Dr Jart+,Bio-Oil

Na-PCA is non oily

Anyone that did their due diligence and read Pounds & Inches remember the story about the lady that wasn’t getting releases because of the make up she was using .

So below are the main questions I get asked on a regular basis;






Questions –


Do you know of a moisturizer that does not contain oil?

What shampoo and conditioner products did you use when using HCG?

What Makeup do you use when you are on an HCG P2 Round?


Before I go further and say what I used when I was on my HCG rounds I can not stress enough that every body is different. It is important to journal just about everything you do while on your round and that could include what you are putting on your skin.

Personally if you are starting HCG for the 1st time and you are not adding new products at the same time and your releases are staying consistent you are obviously not overly sensitive to the point where the products you are currently using will slow you down.

And if that is the case you are probably good about not using products that are all that oily.

I better interject here that one thing I stopped doing when I started HCG was I had used baby oil that I would put on after I took a shower and before I would towel off. I had heard that was a great trick to really soft skin. BUT since I knew that would be full on iol I shelved that regime during my HCG journey and actually just recently remembered to start doing that again.


Now on to the answers to the questions from the beginning of this post –

There is a moisturizer spray Na-PCA that you can get online or at whole foods that states that it is specifically non-oily moisturizer.
Other than that I don’t think actual brands that I use will make a difference in your results. Mineral based make up is good but I don’t use all the time. And shampoo etc is for the most part Redken & Enjoy products. My side work is doing private hair clients. I of course use gloves when I am doing my color clients but as far as fixatives (straightening balms or serum or mousse) I puy the product right in my hand and did not have a problem with releases slowing because of the products  being put in my hands.  My “Rule of Thumb” is as long as it is not super oily it is ok, hopefully you understand what I mean.

I never had a massage while I was on my HCG journey so I didn’t have to be concerned with massage lotion or oil in that respect.. During rounds I won’t use full blown oil products directly on my skin, tend toward water soluble products. Example I like Bio-oil (PurCellin) but will not use it while on P2. For me it boils down to this, I like to stay as pure to Simeon protocol as possible while on P2 when it comes to food selections. But make up etc. I put Dr Jart+ BB Black Label on my face and everything else is pretty much mineral based products.

It is my opinion that there may be some people that will be overly sensitive to products outside of the food consumption. Yet for the most part as long as you stay away from full blown oil products the rest of the products won’t be an issue because I’m sure product ingredients have changed a lot since the 1960’s when Simenon was treating his patients.


If you would like to find an online resource to get the products I have mentioned simply click on the items picture below

Na-PCA (non oily moisturizer)

Dr Jart+

Enjoy Hair Products

Redken Shampoo

Bio-Oil (Don’t use on P2)

The Best Way To Beat Cellulite

The Best Way To Beat Cellulite

I thought this article was interesting. Ever since I made the choice to either stand or have my legs using a mini stepper at work it seems like I’m seeing more and more information basically telling people to stop sitting.

The Best Way To Beat Cellulite
By Cassandra Forsythe-Pribanic, PhD, RD
Cottage cheese                           Orange Peel                             Rice Pudding

Even though this sounds like it, I’m not talking about food here.  These are just some of the names given to an undesirable skin condition known as cellulite that plagues the backsides and tummies of women all over the world.

Sure, some men are affected by it, but for the most part, women’s biggest fear about wearing a bikini in the summer is the dimply appearance of her butt and thighs or mid-section. And, women don’t even have to be considered “chubby” or “fat” to have cellulite in the most awkward of places. Even our beloved, so-called perfectly thin actresses have cellulite that they work incredibly hard to hide.

But why is it that women are mostly stricken with mattress-like backsides and how do we prevent it or minimize its appearance?

What is cellulite?

Cellulite consists of several alterations in your skins normal structure, coupled with circulation issues (fatty areas of cellulite tend to have low blood flow and are cold to the touch), and changes with the fat cells themselves.

If you have cellulite, there isn’t much you can do to abolish it, but you can definitely reduce it’s appearance.

Even Babies Have Cellulite

My first realization about cellulite came when I noticed my 7-month old daughter had a cottage cheese-like appearance to her cute little butt cheeks when they were slightly squished.

At first I was upset – why does she have cellulite? How is this possible?  But then I realized my own battles with cellulite were partially out of my control. Females, by virtue of our hormonal environment and body structure are stricken with cellulite from the very beginning.

Normal, healthy, fatty tissue development (growth of new fat cells, not fat cell size) begins in the womb and continues until a child is 18 months old. It then picks up again during puberty.  In today’s society, with all the junk food and excessive calories, some children are in a constant state of fat cell growth and potentially new fat cells.

Fatty tissue near the skin consists of two layers separated by a facial layer.  The more external layer is called the areolar layer, which is formed by globular and large fat cells (adipocytes) arranged vertically; here the blood vessels feeding the fat cells are numerous and fragile. The deeper layer is called the lamellar layer and the cells are fusiform, smaller and arranged horizontally; the vessels here are larger. The second layer increases in thickness when a person gains weight, mainly due to the increase in fat cell volume which presses against the outer, areolar layer, making it more pronounced.

In women, the outer areolar layer is thicker and the skin covering it is usually thinner which is the case right from birth (and explains my daughters dimply butt cheeks). As a woman ages and gains more body fat from an increase in the inner lamellar layer, it makes the fat cells in the areolar layer more visible.

Female hormones can be evil

When women start to hit puberty, the battle with thigh cellulite commences. The femoral region of a woman (the back of the upper thigh) is very responsive to her very unique hormonal profile.

Estrogen increases the response of thigh fat cells to anti-lipolytic alpha receptors (preventing fat breakdown and loss) and stimulates an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase (LPL) that stimulates fat growth. This can occur in the gluteal region and abdomen as well, but is usually localized to the back of the legs.

Prolactin (the breast-feeding hormone) is another hormone that makes cellulite more visible because it increases water retention in the fatty tissue, which makes each cell look larger and more lumpy.

So, most women are going to have some issues with cellulite, just because they are women.

Insulin make cellulite more visible

One of the greatest influences on cellulite appearance is the blood glucose-regulating hormone insulin. Whenever you eat carbohydrate, your body releases insulin to manage the influx of glucose (from carbs) into your bloodstream. In an ideal world, your muscle cells recognize this insulin and invite the glucose into muscle cells to be used for energy or stored for later use (as glycogen).

However, in the case of most sedentary people, insulin sends the carbs to fat cells to be turned into fatty acids and stored as triglycerides (called lipogenesis). This makes fat cells in the lamellar layer bigger, causing fat cells in the areolar layer to be squished out and more visible.
Unless a person is a constant exerciser or exercises incredibly hard every day, high carb diets will cause your body to produce more fat. Insulin also stops your body from using fat as fuel and can cause your body to store more water, pushing cellulite out for the world to see.

Change your lifestyle, smooth out cellulite

Of all the things under our control with respect to cellulite, there are two major things we can change to minimize its appearance. With cellulite, you either have it, or you  don’t (lucky girl!), but if you have it, you can make it look less pronounced despite never really being able to get rid of it.

First and foremost – get off your butt!  Consistent physical activity (no, not armchair football) decreases your body’s insulin levels naturally and makes your muscle cells more receptive to burning up carbs and fats for energy.

Daily exercise also increases muscle mass, which helps decrease body fat. It increases circulation in your lower extremities, providing more blood to thigh fat cells and enabling them to be used as a energy source.  Finally, it improves rigidity of your tendons and muscles, making fatty areas seem smaller and less pronounced.

You’ve got to think: all that sitting on your behind, day in and day out, does not do much for improving blood flow to your thighs or making your butt look any smaller. So, get up and move as much as you can —  every day. Even consider investing in a stand-up desk, so your butt can get a break.

Second –  eliminate simple carbs, sodium, alcohol and manufactured fats from your diet.

You now know carbs are the major promoters of insulin, but not all carbs are bad and timing is important. High-fiber carbs from non-starchy vegetables (like greens and colorful veggies) produce the least amount of insulin and some starchy veggies (like sweet potato, squash and peas) produce a bit more insulin, but their high fiber content is important. Fiber helps keep your body regular (along with adequate water intake) which improves blood flow in your lower limbs.

Simple carbs, like those used in Prograde Workout, and even fruit carbs are used best by your body after exercise, and sometimes before. At this time, your muscles are primed to use that insulin for repair and re-growth instead of for fat storage.

High sodium, processed foods, like those microwave lunches, have to be packed with sodium to prevent spoilage. This sodium causes water retention and makes cellulite look worse than it is. On the same note, watch out for sodium in canned foods (soups, fish) and focus on fresh, non-processed items as often as possible. Sauces, like soy sauce and teriyaki are also a no-no as they can be both high in sodium and simple carbs.

Alcohol is also an issue – this chemical acts just like insulin, causing your body to store fat and create fat and preventing it from using it for energy. Light beer is not going to help your cause at all. Just limit or stay away from alcohol all the time and your fat cells will be smaller and you’ll be happier.

Manufactured fats, such as those found in most boxed and packaged foods are incredibly problematic. First, the poor quality of these fats, which can be trans fats or just excessive polyunsaturated fats,  love to be stored by the body. They also increase inflammation, which leads to water retention and decreased fat breakdown.  Finally, they’re often associated with high simple carb foods (cake anyone?)

The best diet to reduce the appearance of cellulite is one that contains high quality, whole-food proteins that are not laced with preservatives, sodium, and sugar (foods like organic beef and chicken, organic eggs and purified whey proteins), plenty of colorful vegetables and fruits to provide fiber, antioxidants and potassium to balance sodium, and plentiful whole food fats, especially those high in unsaturated fats like avocados, egg yolks, fish, fish oil and krill oils, and olives and olive oil.

Don’t believe the hype- just do what Mother Nature told you to do

Everyday you’re going to be bombarded with some product, or some new fancy diet that proclaims to be the terminator of all cellulite, but don’t buy into those claims.

Fighting the dimply look of cellulite isn’t really that hard – you just need to eat real food, food that Mother Nature gave us, and exercise or move your body every day.

Or, pick the right parents and ask for thick skin. But, if it was that easy, the world wouldn’t be so interesting.


Cellulite: a review. Rossi AB and Vergnanini AL. JEADV (2000) 14: 251-262

What the “Experts” are saying about MSM liquid

Tighten the Skin During and After Weight Loss the MSM liquid Benefit

My first experience learning about the MSM benefits for tightening skin was a vlog I saw on you tube by a man that had weighed over 400 lbs . He had done a very long fast and is now a raw food advocate. When I saw how good his skin looked considering the amount of weight he had lost I was SOLD.

Then after that I saw another vlog with MSM liquid being used as an ingredient for a skin treatment for lines, creases and wrinkles on the face.

I have since done a vlog myself calling the treatment the “SKIN RECIPE” I have absolutely loved the results!

What the “experts” are saying about MSM liquid

There are a large number of doctors and patients who claim to have experienced notable benefits through the administering of liquid MSM. These benefits include but are not limited to improve the condition of joints, muscles, skin, hair, and nails. MSM is usually sold in purified forms, and is generally assimilated with purified water to help increase absorption and provide a convenient way of administering the supplement. Most brands suggest that you either take the supplement alone or that you add it to your favorite fruit juice. Recommended dosage ranges from around 1 teaspoon twice a day, to up to 2 or 3 tablespoons twice a day with a single teaspoon equaling about 390 milligrams of liquid MSM.

Here are the websites I have purchased it from

HCG Before and After PROOF

HCG Before and After PROOF

I know I NEED to make a WONDERFUL Website Banner Showing Before and After PROOF . Till I finally DO here it IS!!!!

HCG- What Supplements I Take and the Benefits They Have

HCG Supplement Benefits

I’m asked all kinds of questions about what can help for cravings, releases, hair, you name it. I decided it was time to explain what I take, why,what it does and all the BENEFITS!

Where Can You Get the Supplements?

Good Health for the Entire Family

Boost Fat Breaking Enzyme up to 90%

Sitting is Killing You!

I understand not all of you can reconfigure your work environment, but if you can you will reap BIG Health Benefits!

Warning – if you read this you might get scared to sit =/

Sitting is Killing You
Via: Medical Billing And Coding

A few concrete blocks is all it took 😉
The first week takes some getting use to.
I realized that my lower back was weak from sitting so much.
I’m excited about the health improvement I have to look forward to by making this change!

If you would like to support my website and pups!