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Chiro Klenz-The Best “Clean Out” Tea

Detoxing Before HCG Protocol

I know many people prefer to do a detox regimen before starting their HCG P2 Protocol. And during protocol a lot of people need some assistance  with getting “regular”. As most of us know there are a few different teas that are made for this very reason. I first of about Chiro Klenz from a fellow HCGer who bought the tea from her Chiropractor.

As long as you realize that this tea will truly CLEAN you out, this is a great tea to use.

I’s not cheap but it WORKS!

Since posting my original post about the teas I like to use I have since been able to find Chiro Klenz reasonably priced at this website (click link below)

Below is the link to my original post and vlog about the teas I like to use;

2 Responses to Chiro Klenz-The Best “Clean Out” Tea

  • Chellee says:

    Just wondering if I can eat okra? steamed or boiled. I cannot find it on any list but don’t know what would be the harm. Though I would ask a pro. thanks for all your hard work. You are an inspiration.

    • colleen says:

      Hi Chellee,

      If you are doing old school protocol I would say no. I know there are variations out there now that allow more vegetable variety but sticking with the basic menu eliminates the possibility of a slowdown. If you really love okra and miss it you could try eating it but journal how your body handled it. I looked up okra versus asparagus and it looks like okra is more on kind of the “starchy / carb” side which wouldn’t be a good idea when on P2. But every “body” is different so one person can handle adding a food in without a negative effect where as someone else could see a stall or gain.
      Hope that helps and if you try it let me know how it goes…it could someone else in the future. :)

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