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HCG – Mini Steak Day Explained

Question –

I listened to your vlog and then went to your website and you said “Steak was eaten if I decided to do a mini steak day. I use to like doing that one day a week during my rounds.”
Can you tell me exactly what you ate on your mini steak days and did this help with not stalling?
Would love to know!

Answer –

Back in the day there was a wonderful HCGer from the UK that would vlog and had wonderful results. She talked about a “propa” mini steak day. I started doing it too and liked doing it one day a week while on P2. All it is , is this – 4 OZ of lean steak and one apple. It is up to you if you want to divide it up or divide it though the day. I would get the best fillet Mignon in the butcher case and the tastiest apple  and save it all for my dinner portion. Of course drink lots of water and tea through out the day till then.

And YES – Every week ( I chose to do mini steak days on Saturday) I saw a NICE release to “cap off” the week 😉

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