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Which HCG Did I Use?

What HCG Brand did you use?

This is a good question so I decided to make it the question of the day.


Thanks for all the great information. I have just learned of hcg. I just have some basic questions to help decide which way to go.

I see where you list suppliers you have purchased from, but not what brand you purchased/used. So basically I just would like to know what exactly did you use and how did you get it. Did you have to have a prescription?


A prescription wasn’t needed. I prefer to get Hucog brand or the generic version of it. I have also used Corion and it was fine too. To save on the shipping and handling I always purchased 3 at a time. And since I preferred to do 40 day rounds I would buy 5000 iu. I have the mixing breakdown on this blog for both 5000 iu and 2000 iu. But I am most familiar with the 5000 iu. The bacteriostatic water can be bought online from medical supply and even bodybuilder websites. My very first round I bought a supply “kit” that had everything to get started except for the hcg. After that because I had examples at my fingertips of what I needed I would get everything on my own.

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