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Greek Yogurt Correction Day – FAGE

FAGE -Full Fat Greek Yogurt Results

This is what you do –

Eat 32oz of Fage Full Fat Greek Yogurt with 8oz of berries

Divided into four meals that you eat throughout the day.
For chocolate lovers instead of berries add in unsweetened chocolate and stevia… tastes just like chocolate mouse!

FAGE full fat yogurt days work and work well and they are very easy to do if you like yogurt.

A nice alternative to other correction days for the hot summer months

This type of yogurt is thicker than regular yogurt almost cheesecake like.

The average correction seems to be 2 to 3 lbs.

As I get more information I will add to this post

12 Responses to Greek Yogurt Correction Day – FAGE

  • Michele says:

    Hi Collen, so what your saying is, you can eat the Fage yogurt on P2 to get a release if you are at a stall? Just wanted to clearify what you are saying here. I am only lossing 3 1/2 lbs a week and would like to get a better result if possible. Love your vlogs and infomation. Thank you so much for any help here. Look forward to hearing back from you.

    • colleen says:

      Hi Michele,
      The Fage seems to be more of a P3 thing.
      If you want to be a P2 rebel (or a lab rat like I am-lol) I would feel more confident in suggesting the fat fast when on P2 over the Fage.
      Why the fat fast works so well when on P2 , I have no idea but many love it. Just don’t try to do it for too many days.3 days max is all I think a person should do and not push for more. Because the release is so good it is very tempting to keep doing it. But is is far better to just go back to clean P2 protocol after a day or two of the fat fast. My fat fast is all about only eating mac nuts. See my post as to why I do that.
      I hope this helps!

  • Grace says:

    What is P2 or P3 means?

    • colleen says:

      Hi Grace,
      P2 is when you are on the very low calorie diet accompanied by HCG. P3 is when you are in between P2 rounds and stabilizing your new weight “set point”. I encourage you to read Dr Simeons “pounds and inches manuscript” to fully understand. I have a pdf copy on this blog.

  • Jean says:

    If you do the fat fast do you still take your HCG as usual on P2?

  • Katie says:


    I was wondering if you ladies knew of any other yogurt I could use for a great P3 correction day. I had a big cheat today and decided to call around for places that sold the FAGE yogurt.. Couldn’t believe it when not a single place in town told it.. I was thinking maybe The Greek Gods yogurt instead. A little help would be great 😀


  • mary says:

    How do you do a fat fast?

    • colleen says:

      Hi mary,

      Please check my blog post explaining it. I’m a slow typist and it is a lot to write out.
      But the post explains in detail :)

  • papande says:

    Hey Colleen

    I have finished my diet and lost about 52 pounds, I needed another 10 pounds and did the diet for about 23 days but only lost 5 pounds, I did all the stall tactics and did the Mac fast which really worked but now I have finished the diet and stalled, the apple days or steak days do not work for me?? I do love the teas I take them to cleanse and detox, but I am afraid to try it again, I bought a different kind of HCG serum different company from the same website, and I really had to increase the dose to work also, am I getting imune to it? I am on the maitainance phase now on week 2 and I see that I can do a Greek yogurt day too, I am going to try loosing the last 5 pounds with fasts and exercise. I go to curves 3 days a week and that helps but those last 10 POUNDS!!! WILL NOT GO!!! LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR INSPIRATION!!!

    • colleen says:

      Since I’m not sure about the company you have purchased from i can advise about the immunity question.
      But I think your wonderful attitude and fortitude will definitely get you there – you go girl!

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