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Protein’s Slimming Benefits

Slim You Thighs With Whey

I thought this was interesting – This Article actually explains research about reducing your thighs (for the ladies).

The benefit of this article is learning about how protein can help us in our fat loss quest 😉

Fat is BIGGER than Muscle

When it comes time to incorporate exercise back into your lifestyle you will have changes to adjust to.

This example has always stuck with me and I want to share it with you –

If you used one of those “balance scales”, you know the ones with an area to load items on both sides”

Ok, Let’s say on one side you filled the entire side with a can of whipcream. It would spill over the scale plate before you know it.

Now on the other side add a small piece of filet mignon.

Of course on the filet side there would be extra area to add more to the scale plate (no spill over) But GUESS WHAT???

The whip cream (which represents FAT)

Would still weigh less than the filet mignon (Your lean muscle)

Yet the filet would obviously weigh more than the whip cream.

Below is my original Vlog when I explained this example. The vlog was done early in my HCG journey.

I hope this gives many of you peace of mind.

Because as we know the more MUSCLE our body’s have to maintain, the more calories it  needs to sustain itself.

That is a good thing 😉

P3 Exercise and Beyond

Since my body was not use to exercise when I first started HCG I took Dr Simeon’s advice and didn’t suddenly begin an exercise regime.

During my first solid P3 was when I began walking the treadmill and using light weights for my upper arms.
Because my body was then use to that activity, in my later rounds on P2 I was able to exercise without any adverse effects.

Below is a study that another great hcger shared, thanks Dee.

I read the article and much to my surprise my regime was very much like what was suggested.
I will be making a couple of tweaks that were explained in the article and am excited to see how much it will boost my results.

The Whey Protein I Like Is the Jay Robb Brand

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