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Can You Exercise While on HCG P2?

Question of the Day


This is such a simple question but a very good one.

I based my choice on  what Dr Simeon explained. He mentioned in Pound & Inches that his American patients were not use to walking the way his Italian patients were. So I if they started doing more physical activity (walking distances) when normally they would be driving to get somewhere their releases would slow down or stop. So he didn’t want those patient adding exercise that their bodies were not use to during P2.

Question: You look great!! Did you exercise while you were on HCG P2?

Answer: During my first rounds I didn’t exercise. Once my body was use to an exercise routine I started during P3 then I was able to be on P2 and walk the treadmill and lift light arm weights and still had releases without a problem.

Goal Planning for a Healthy 2012

 HCG  – Planning for a Healthy 2012

Happy 2012 Everyone!
I am so excited for all of you who have had an amazing journey through 2011 and experienced the benefits of HCG.
Those of you gearing up for 2012 to be your year of transformation I am equally excited for you because I know what the future holds your you!
I want to include this article that I read because outside of HCG as a method there is a lot to say about keeping yourself accountable and really having a clear picture of where you want to be. It’s not just about fitting in clothes you have your eye on or a number on the scale and measuring tape. Good health and being able to feel and move the way you want to is a wonderful GIFT!
Be Blessed and Prosperous with all that 2012 has to offer us!


Your Plan For A New YOU

By Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CES

You know what I really love?  Lists!

They keep you organized, on track, and are a GREAT way to MEASURE success.

And with this year ending and new one beginning, what can YOU do to make your HEALTH and WELLNESS a top priority?

Start a NEW list.

One which will hold you ACCOUNTABLE for all of your health, weight, and wellness goals!

So here is a good way to get started.

Better grab your pen and paper, and get ready to plan your new year and a NEW YOU.

Step #1: Where Do You See Your Weight/Health In The Coming Year?

Have you started out every year the same?

You’re gung-ho about eating right, going to the gym, and exercising for about three weeks, then you quit.

You stop seeing results and you say the heck with it!

The first step is to sit down and clarify what YOU want for next year.

Do you want to drop a dress size?

Do you want to fit into your skinny jeans again?

Whatever the goal, write it down.

Writing it down may keep you accountable
and hold you to accomplishing your goal

Step #2: Develop A Path To Your Goal.

Everyone needs a path or a plan.

A way to go from point A to point B!

What is your path?

Having small steps or goals may help you move
successfully from point A to point B

The goals are small, and you should have no trouble accomplishing them.

With each goal you accomplish, it may build your self-esteem and confidence.

Instead of your goal being a HUGE mountain to climb, you break it down into manageable steps that may make it easier to reach the TOP.

Step #3: Determine Where You Need To “Cut The Fat.”

This one can apply to almost any area in your life.

It could be financial, personal or business, and your health.

You should look at your diet and determine where you can make changes.

Do you stop for a muffin?

Is there a better option?

So here is how to cut the fat!

Keep track of everything you eat in a food journal.

Keep track of it for a few days, a week, or even a month.

Write down everything!

Anything you eat, drink, or any supplements you take should be entered into your journal.

Determine how many calories you are eating each day and then determine where you need to make changes.

Or you need to ADD food to your diet.

This may help you keep track of when and what you eat

It may even surprise you.

Step #4: Now That You Have A Food Journal, The Next Step Is To Fix Your Problem-Eating Areas.

Now you need to determine where changes are needed.

You found you are lacking calories: Find a time for a snack or add fruit and vegetables to any meal.

You found you overeat: Find ways to spread your calorie intake throughout your day.

Whatever your problem areas are, now is the RIGHT time to develop a plan to fix them.

Step #5: Determine How To Fit More Exercise Into Your Day.

Are you a person who has a hard time fitting exercise in?

Or do you dread going to the gym and sweating?

I can’t really help you with the sweating; it is just a natural process!

Increasing physical activity may be the BEST option
 for losing weight and improving overall health

Exercise may alter cholesterol levels, increase good hormones flowing throughout your brain, and you may BURN extra calories.

Now is the time to figure out what might be the best exercise for you, and go for it.

Remember: You need to develop the RIGHT plan for you.

Exercise in the morning or with a friend.

When there is a will, there is a way!

Step #6:Re-evaluate

This is the time to check your progress.

And this MUST be built into your plan.

This is where you take a good look at your goals, your success so far, and then determine where you need to change.

If it’s working and you are happy, then just keep going.

If you are bored and not feeling challenged, then mix it up and make it more challenging.

By building re-evaluations into your plan, it allows you to honestly
look at your plan and change what isn’t working

Set Yourself Up For Success

Developing a successful plan for yourself may lead you down the road to better health and wellness.

Your plan should have short- and long-term goals; and with every milestone, a reward for accomplishing your goal.
You may also need to change a few things.

Adding exercise and paying really close attention may help you accomplish your weight loss goals.

Possibly in a shorter time!

Whatever your goals are, you need to RE-EVALUATE and determine if your goals are still what you want or what you desire.


250 pound vs. 120 pound woman X-ray

Here is an image to help us strive to be healthier

I don’t think the x-ray is of the same person but I thought this was interesting.

How is the fat distributed in the two different body types shown in that picture? Here is the answer, in the form of images comparing a 120 pound woman with a 250 pound woman:

250 pound vs. 120 pound woman

The light yellow areas are fat. Note especially the huge deposits of fat in the abdomen around the internal organs in the 250 pound woman, as well as all the subcutaneous fat (just under the skin) . The black areas in many cases are air or gas spaces – note the lungs. Or liquid filled, as in the bladder. Note also the heart in the middle of the chest.

The white areas are bone. In descriptions  people have asked why the 250 pound woman has what appear to be thinner leg bones. This apparently in an artifact of the slice chosen for the image. Imagine that she is lying down and we take a slice out of the middle of her body. That is what we are seeing. The slice went through thicker bone in the 120 pound woman.

Also notice the ankles of the 250 pound woman. Heavy people often have pronation problems because of the stress of the extra weight on the feet

“Did you Exercise While on HCG”?

I Have Been asked this Question Quite a Bit . And since it is such a Good Question that Most Newbies Ask Much of the Time Here is My 2 cents Worth aka the “Colleen Theory” – LOL

Question –

First of all CONGRATULATIONS! =D I was just messaging you for a quick question I’ve been wanting to ask an HCG past user. Did you work out while you were taking hCG? If not, would you recommend it? and if So how much? THANK YOUUU! =D

My Answer –

I didn’t workout during my early rounds. This is why, in pounds and inches Dr Simeon talks about how the American patients that went to Italy for the treatment would gain from doing activity their body wasn’t use to . For example since they are use to driving a car to get around but in Italy there is more walking done than driving.
So I incorporated walking on the treadmill while on P3 so my body was use to the added activity by the time I was ready to do P2 again.

So here is my “Colleen Theory” . When you start HCG if you are already doing an exercise plan your body is use to I don’t think you have to stop. But if you haven’t been exercising prior to the protocol now is not the time to start P2 AND an exercise regime. The scale could end up causing too many head games as far as the releases (numbers on the scale) going down the way you want them to.

HCG – Thinking About Trying It But Have Questions

HCG Questions – My Experience with Protocol, Exercise, Stabilizing and Food.

Message sent to me;

-Hey. I’ve been thinking about doing the hCg program, but I am a little skeptical based on all the controversy that seems to surround it. It makes it hard to make a decision. Anyway, after searching on you tube, your videos have been the most beneficial and interesting to watch. :) Congratulations on all of your success. :) I have a few questions I was hoping you could answer, if you have time.

Q – 1. Have you noticed any unhealthy side effects since (or even during) performing the hCg protocol? A lot of the information I have read through tries to claim that the hCg protocol will help you lose weight but in the long run you are playing a dangerous game with your life (i.e. heart problems, cancer, etc.). Should I worry about any of this? Are these claims potentially true?

My Answer – Before protocol my Dr had me on Advair for my breathing, Nexium for heartburn, and my cholesterol was lousy but not to the point of  medication yet. I also had been hospitalized with a blood clot the summer of 2008. I felt that I was too young to be suffering all those ailments.

After seeing family that summer I made the decision to be semi vegetarian. Felt a bit better but not any huge difference. Then I did a long master cleanse fast. Because I really push the envelope as far as how long I did the fast I did experience some scary hair loss. But my breathing and heartburn got better. In 2009 I did end up with another blood clot.

My brother was concerned about me fasting and mentioned I should look into “this 500 calories diet on youtube”. I started watching the vlogs and Dec.2009 ordered my HCG and started my journey Jan 17, 2010.

Before starting I read Pounds and inches over and over again so I wouldn’t miss a single thing. Based on what I read of Dr Simenon’s protocol it made a lot of sense and I was excited to think that this really could be what would work for me.

Q-2. Some of the research I have read through claims that hCg can create acne problems. Is this true? Did you have this come up when you were on the protocol? If you did, how did you get it to go away? Did it just disappear after completing the protocol (you seem to have beautiful skin)?

My Answer – Because hcg is what helps pregnant women nourish the baby even if they aren’t eating enough this is my thinking on the changes it might make to our bodies while on it. Example, I knew when I was pregnant my hair grew great and fast but when I was done being pregnant my hair stopped growing as fast and lots the extra thickness I gained while pregnant. So I figured I might possibly go through the same scenario once I was done with HCG but that has NOT been the case. Granted I have taken a good hair vitamin before, during and after hcg. The most recent vitamin I have been taking for my hair has definitely increased my hair growth more that the others I have been on. Things like acne etc. again I thing it depends on each individual and how hormonal changes effected a person in the past during child bearing years.

As a side note I should also mention my cholesterol levels are now ideal – YAY!

Q – 3. What is it like trying to maintain your weight loss now? I’m sure you don’t eat poorly to stay as trim/fit as you are. So, I was wondering what your diet and exercise was like to stay as fit as you do? Do you always cook at home? Do you go out to dinner? Do you exercise? If so, how much?

My Answer

One “beef” I have about the show “The Biggest Loser” is this, the trainers have the participants working out so hard and so much how on earth could a person living an average life keep that kind of regimen up?

I don’t have a gym membership but I do have treadmill. If I didn’t have that I know I could still go outside and walk. Other than that I do light weights to firm my arms.

I like to walk on a daily basis to keep my circulation going. The light arm weights are approx 3x per week.

I was going to experiment with the peak 8 theory but got a cold and didn’t get back to doing it. But just writing this is reminding me that I should.

Even before HCG I understood but just didn’t put into practice the importance of the glycemic index. My Grandmother was a double amputee because of wounds not healing because of diabetes. That right there was a motivation to understand what sugar does to our bodies.

Yes I do eat out (approx 2x a week) but I don’t like to go to fast food places (too many chemicals). I love cobb salads but ask for no bacon (never have been a fan) and since 200 calories can be saved by just omitting that I’m all for it. I do love blue cheese dressing but just don’t have it a lot. When I’m at home I really enjoy the mustard dressing I vlogged about so that is the one I eat during the week. I also love roasted veggies with either shrimp or chicken mixed in.

If I do eat sugar foods that aren’t fruit like almond Joy or ice cream I plan it around knowing I will be active afterward. If I’m not for one I feel too antsy and second I don’t want the sugar to store as fat.

I still love Mexican food, burgers etc. I just do it all within reason. During the week between my 2 jobs and helping other dieters I figure I will save my spurges for the weekends. Plus during the week the “clean foods” I eat I really crave and look forward to.

Also I don’t like to “mindlessly eat” so that good too. But if I need to take something with me when I’m on the go I love raw almonds, grapes, that kind of thing.

Q – 4. Without hCg, they say that a 500 calorie diet is terrible for you and you will quickly put back on the weight once you go back to a normal intake of calories. In addition, your body will store more in fat than it did previously in case of another low calorie (starvation) mode. However, what I have read with the hCg protocol, is that it resets your metabolism and therefore if you do gain weight subsequent to the protocol, you are no worse off than when you started the protocol (i.e. there is no surge in weight gain due tot he lack of calories). Is this true?

My Answer – I heard the same theory you mentioned when people talk about extremely low calorie dieting. Yes HCG is what makes the 500 calories intake doable without starvation. As far as I’m concerned it isn’t just about resetting metabolism but also creating a new “set point”. As you stabilize your body is getting use to the new weight each and everyday so it will want to stay at the new set point. So the longer you are at the lower weight the easier it is for your body to expect that to be the norm.

The person who asked the questions – That is all for now. I apologize for the list of questions. I was never very good at condensing what I wanted to say! 😉 Even if you end up not being able to reply, I think you should know your videos are very beneficial and inspiring. Thanks for posting! :)

ME – Please remember I am not a doctor etc. My answers are simply my opinion based on what I have experienced before, during and after taking HCG.

My goal is to help people through what I have learned during my journey.

HCG Before and After PROOF

HCG Before and After PROOF

I know I NEED to make a WONDERFUL Website Banner Showing Before and After PROOF . Till I finally DO here it IS!!!!

Best Tape Measuring Device

Here is a diagram I put together to help know where to measure on your body with the Myotape;

The Myotape really helps to make sure you are getting “true” numbers.

Where to purchase the myotape

Fat is BIGGER than Muscle

When it comes time to incorporate exercise back into your lifestyle you will have changes to adjust to.

This example has always stuck with me and I want to share it with you –

If you used one of those “balance scales”, you know the ones with an area to load items on both sides”

Ok, Let’s say on one side you filled the entire side with a can of whipcream. It would spill over the scale plate before you know it.

Now on the other side add a small piece of filet mignon.

Of course on the filet side there would be extra area to add more to the scale plate (no spill over) But GUESS WHAT???

The whip cream (which represents FAT)

Would still weigh less than the filet mignon (Your lean muscle)

Yet the filet would obviously weigh more than the whip cream.

Below is my original Vlog when I explained this example. The vlog was done early in my HCG journey.

I hope this gives many of you peace of mind.

Because as we know the more MUSCLE our body’s have to maintain, the more calories it  needs to sustain itself.

That is a good thing 😉

P3 Exercise and Beyond

Since my body was not use to exercise when I first started HCG I took Dr Simeon’s advice and didn’t suddenly begin an exercise regime.

During my first solid P3 was when I began walking the treadmill and using light weights for my upper arms.
Because my body was then use to that activity, in my later rounds on P2 I was able to exercise without any adverse effects.

Below is a study that another great hcger shared, thanks Dee.

I read the article and much to my surprise my regime was very much like what was suggested.
I will be making a couple of tweaks that were explained in the article and am excited to see how much it will boost my results.

The Whey Protein I Like Is the Jay Robb Brand

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