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ACV and MSM Drink Shot – Skin Tightening Benefits and More!

I first explained the MCT Oil and ACV drink shot, but then I really wanted to find an alternative for P2ers. Please watch the video for details =)

Where I buy my MSM Liquid

Herbal Remedies

There is also a serum for the face that I get from there that I LOVE!
Super Skin Serum, Antioxidant Skin Care System with Lipoic Acid, 1 fl oz

23 Responses to ACV and MSM Drink Shot – Skin Tightening Benefits and More!

  • Brandon L Gordon says:

    WOW aunt Colleen! you look great! i miss you and seeing you all. hopefully soon we can find time to meet up! dad just showed me your website and i’ll definitely check back. love you.

  • Anne says:

    What is the recipe for face wrinkles that you mentioned which uses MSM as an ingredient?
    Thank You

    • colleen says:

      I really appreciate your patience with this info. I did my original vlog but haven’t uploaded it yet. I will get that info out in the next couple of days.

  • Tonya says:

    Does the MCT/ACV cocktail work well for P3, should I take it 3 times a day before meals? Does the MSM work better than the MCT?
    Thank you!
    also can’t wait for the recipe for the skin tightening…!!

  • Carolyn says:

    Everyone just loves you, I hope you feel it!
    This is such a long story , get a cup of tea.
    I wanted to share with you how I take my MSM. I use the powder, it could be either. First, I need to lay some background of why. Years ago I stopped taking a handful of prescribed drugs 4 times a day ( you have to wake up and take drugs every 6 hours) wearing the largest nitro patch and going to Doctors every 3 months. I have wolf-Parkinson white syndrome, prolapsed valves(2) and clogged arteries. After an insurance change I had to be referred to my cardiologist when my primary Dr. thought I should go. So I went as usual and he refused to see me because my X husband had not paid his bill. Even after I explained we were divorced for more than a year. So, I thought, gee I must not really need this stuff if the Dr. does not think it is important to see me and so I stopped taking everything..( not really, I was furious, and decided I would take care of myself) Weaned myself off all my drugs (you should not do this). Read all I could about everything, ended up in the emergency room twice over the years, took pills only while in there and told the Dr I would not continue, he asked why not, I told him, ok, I am not doing well, I can see I need a little help, but tomorrow I will be fine, why should I take the drugs? He said well, you should at least take the digitallis,
    Last time I was in the hospital for heart was about 15 years ago, or more, I had to learn how to care for myself. Retired , sat down and startted playing Everquest, WOW and now STAR WARS THE OLD REPUBLIC. I love those games , so I did not move much. Started having pain while walking, found out a leg artery was blocked or totally gone depending on which one of the DR’s you are talking to. Only from my knee down tho, so the Dr, after dye testing said they needed to put in one of my other arteries, OR , THEY COULD USE A MAN MADE ONE THAT WOULD BE CHANGED EVERY 4 YEARS, if my artery was too small. I am just your size, so I thought , HUM, do I want to wake up with a rubber hose for an artery, NO, I will take a zero on that! So, I have not gone back. Reading again on that subject brought me to Dr. Linus Pauling, who recommends amino acids and vit C for clogged arteries. I buy them all on line powdered C and the amino acids and now MSM powder and put them in my empty SoBe lifewater bottles with one crystal light fitness pack and sip on it all day, I honestly think I would have been a goner by now the way all those drugs would react to my vital organs.
    I just turned 69 and wish I was smarter younger and had married a really nice guy, unfortunately that did not happen.
    BUT, maybe you can see a little bit of how much good you are doing by encouraging us all to keep up with you some. I start my next and hopefully last round of hCG the 29th and will re-read all you have written , I will be lurking again.
    Thank You for all you do for all of us, I feel good and am going to break away from games and take up metal detecting.


    • colleen says:

      Hi Carolyn,

      You are very courageous and I love that you shared your story.
      Your experience will help many people!

      Colleen =)

  • Carolyn says:

    I figure if my body got rid of that artery , it can just put it back!

  • Carolyn says:

    once more,
    Forgot to tell you that I use first aid paper tape over my wrinkle ,sleep for three nights and it is gone. Your body fills the wrinkle with fluids. I got this from Suzanne Somers book that is ancient, I think, not sure. She said use those stamps you used to get in magazines to pull out and paste to a postcard like thing for them to send to you? Remember those? They are history , so now you can use the tape or buy Frownies.It DOES work, but you have to sleep in them for 3 nights , not wear around for a couple hours.


  • Debbie says:

    thank you, so much for all of your work. i lost 25 pounds on hcg / now two years and still off. takes courage, knowledge, and good constant positive attitude that we are worth it and…the fight to stay well and healthy is worth it.
    …i often go to your web site to learn more and get encouraged. we live in a world that gorging when eating is fun, eating junk food is ok and…just eating out nonstop is really the most exciting thing. i found my world changed and…my hubby’s too…with first hcg and then..even more and the understanding of being healthy ..the supplements, exercise for lots of walk with our two yellow labs, choosing nostop to eat healthy…and now its just natural to say yes to good for…go without until you can eat healthy. i mean its a whole new world out there and we are not the ususal. what is fun for me now…i fitting into sweet clothes that fit well and …i feel renewed after years of having 25 pounds of baggage on me. i often think of 5 pound bags of sugar or flour..for me…now times that times five and i carried that…
    i know its different for everybody but the results and feeling so good on hcg…is off the top wonderful. you look at life in a whole new way…colors are brighter to me, life is brighter and i enjoy not thinking of my body all the time ..ya , know the negative thoughts. …gone.
    … one problem tho that seems to haunt me…darn it!…ok, i do all the hair supplements..even the one you take, hair essentials brand, msm nonstop, use Wen shampoo treatment, stop watshing my hair so much..down to two times a weeks…my hair gets very fine, unhealthy thin, and..loss is significant. i know its the hcg/i do the real deal/injections…but when i stop the hcg completely…my hair comes back !!! i even added fish / flax oil …and even enzymes with h.c. and the list is endless… just think if i didn’t do any supplments ?? oh, dear. i am 55 now at goal…but i do hcg… just here and there to help keep balanaced..but no matter what..its crazy. hormones? yes, i do natural ones, thyroid?..yes on the rx naturethroid…help. this is the only deal that messes with me. 5’8″ 127 . love your work and great happy attitude..thank YOU. debbie (is there a way to write you a private message?, looking for that here.)

    • colleen says:

      Hi Debbie,
      I LOVE you comment!!! You are so very positive and enthusiastic I enjoy heating about your new found health. for your hair, do you also take biotin? clients of mine that no nothing about HCG that started to have thinning hair were will to at least take that on my recommendation with what they were already taking and saw a huge improvement. Both men and women.

  • Denise says:

    Can Extra Virgin Coconut oil be substituted for the MCT oil?
    Also, & ? or where can MCT oil be purchased?
    Thanks so Much~!

    • colleen says:

      As far as subbing the MCT for coconut oil i think it depends on how each individual body reacts. I do a lot better with MCT than with Coconut oil.
      You can get MCT through various online supplement stores, Amazon, or your local health store.
      I buy the NOW brand.

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  • Nikki says:

    Hey there Colleen!!, I’m currently in phase 2 VLCD 13 and it’s wicked cause I have lost 15kg/ 33.15lbs to date. I feel fantastic!! I’ve watched all your videos and find them very important; there’s a lot to learn and I’m learning everyday from reading your blog and watching your videos. Especially the video for the skin tightening, using MSM liquid with the ACV. I just received my MSM in the mail today and decided to take 1TBSP just like that with no ACV cos I don’t have any on hand right now. Here’s my questions:

    1) Is there any difference if I don’t incorporate the ACV with the MSM liquid?
    2) Why ACV with MSM?
    3) Is it fine if I just take the MSM alone like 1 TBSP everyday.
    4) Does the MSM work better with the ACV for skin tighening?

    Thanks in advance and have a great day ahead colleen :)


    • colleen says:

      Hi Nikki,

      You can take the MSM alone. I talk about adding the ACV because of it’s ability to cut hunger pains if someone is having that issue. Plus it is great for digestion and keeping the fat moving out of your system.
      But the ACV is not a “have to” at all.

      Colleen :)

  • Swati says:

    Hi Colleen,

    Just wanted to re-check, how many times a day should I take the MSM+ACV shot? For how many days at a stretch could i continue drinking this shot?

  • Swati says:

    Hey Colleen,

    Further to my questions above, the MSM/ACV shot is to be taken only during P2?

    Also, if you could help me regarding MCT/ACV shot… is it only for P2? Do I take it twice daily? Just to clarify, I take it as a stall buster and for release or as a part of diet throughout P2?

    Thanks a lot for all your help. hope to hear from u soon! :)

    P.S: Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

    • colleen says:

      Hi Swati,
      Sorry for delay. If you watch me on you tube you will know I have had a few mishaps on January that caused some time delays.
      I came up with the MSM/ACV shot for those who were sensitive to oil while on P2 or just plain want to stay perfectly on protocol during their P2 round. I think Both are great to do on a daily basis, once per day. One Tablespoon of MCT oil and one Tablespoon of ACV taken as a shot. Before your biggest meal is a good time to take it. It also cuts any hunger pangs and is great for digestion. The MSM is wonderful for skin tightening and should be followed based on label direction as far as dosage. Though in the past I have taken double doses I don’t want others to do anything they are not comfortable with doing. If I decided to take the MCT and ACV as the shot drink then I would only take MSM with my other supplements.

      Hope this makes sense.
      Keep me posted,
      Colleen :)

  • Swati says:

    Hey Colleen,

    Thanks for your response and I don’t worry about the delay. You seem to have a lot going. But thanks once again for taking out time to help us out. Take care.


  • Swati says:

    Hi Colleen,

    Hope you are doing great. I had 2 more questions –

    1. can I have the MSM/ACV even if I am not on the protocol? For how long can I continue to have the shot? The MSM bottle says nothing about the duration for which it can be taken. So please guide.

    2. The last round I did was sublingual. This time I plan to do injections but have few ingredients left from the previous round. Could I start with sublingual for few days and then shift to injections?

    Thanks once again…. Swati

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