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HCG Questions Answered!

HCG Daily Question

I keep meaning to create a FAQ page on this website. Here is a confession…. I am a terrible typist so by the time I answer everyone’s individual questions the day is done and it is time for bed – LOL.
So for now I am going to feature a question I am asked each day.
I also recorded a vlog which was inspired by these questions. I will add the vlog to this post once I get it uploaded to good old youtube!

And Now today’s AWESOME question or should I say Questions

Q – First of all what I wanted to know if you lost any more weight in your experiment round? –

ANSWER – My first week I did great then I became a “slacker” as far as protocol. As each week went by I realized I was experiencing what Dr S was talking about as far as the abnormal fat. HCG had done its duty and I didn’t have the abnormal fat that the hcg could work on and I began to get just plain “starving like” hungry just like he said would happen. My initial loss was good and became my new “set point” which was great. My inch loss went well and I lost sizes which was awesome. In hind site I should have never planned on a 40 day round – silly me. No regrets though, It was a good learning experience and a way to help others when they get to that point.

Q-When it comes to the MCT and ACV shot, what time of day do you take it? –
ANSWER – I think it is best before you have dinner
Do you do it on phase 3 also?
Phase 4?
For life?
ANSWER – You can but when I’m not on a round I tend to not use it because I use the two ingredients for other things I eat,salad dressing etc.

Q-How did the MSN powder work? – ANSWER – I mix it in water but found that using the liquid msm was far less bitter.
I think taking msm in a liquid form makes the difference because your body can absorb it more efficiently.
Q-What phase do you take yours on? Phase 1-4 for a lifetime? And what time of the day. –
ANSWER – I wish I had used msm as soon as I started HCG. because it helps with our skin, joints, muscles etc I feel it can be a life long supplement. To answer the time of day – ANSWER – I don’t think it matters,I take mine now when I am doing my skin recipe for my face because it is sitting right there anyway.
Q-any other advice on products that work on tightening your skin? and the round you used them on please.
My RESPONSE – Colostrum and Antler Velvet has been great along with the Skin recipe I’ve been doing on my face. I think adding those 2 supplements have been helping tone my skin overall as well.

Q-Did you ever get massages done while on p2? i know your not suppose to, but someone on a blog said they did and it helped their releases? Just wondering if you did.
ANSWER – Didn’t have any back or body massages but if pedicures count then yes 😉

Q-What time of the day do you take the California kickers?
ANSWER – I would either divide the serving up and do half mid morning then mid afternoon or the whole thing mid afternoon.

I sure hope posting this helps many others with the same questions :)

2 Responses to HCG Questions Answered!

  • terri says:

    Can you take colostrum in PHASE 2? Thanks so much!! I searched and searched your site but couldnt find the answer…

    • colleen says:

      Hi Terri,
      Because everyone’s body reacts differently you can try it in moderation and see how your system reacts to it. You should know after trying it one day and then checking the scale the next day to know if you can or can’t.
      I know there are some HCGers who swear by keeping a little milk or cream portion added in during their rounds even though the original protocol would not have allowed it.
      Another example is macadamia nuts, MCT oil and Borage seed oil. Some HCGers find adding a bit of these fats help with their releases even though they are a type of fat for whatever reason it works for them. I hope this helps and here’s wishing you a successful 2017!

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