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Benefits of MCT OIL

MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) = MCT OIL

mct shot

MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) is something I used religiously while on my HCG plan. It is a good fat and helps with digestion aka regularity. When you are on a food plan that might cause constipation the MCT can help keep things going. When I was using it at that time I also added apple cider vinegar and drank it like a shot. So I am back to doing that now. I know it is used in the bulletproof coffee but I’m not much of a coffee drinker. When I would get hunger pains it definitely calmed those down too. Like many things that are good for us we sometimes stray from them. I recently was reading an article and it helped me remember the benefits of MCT and realized I needed to get back to using it regularly. I was happy to find a brand with convenient travel packs. Trying to transport a bottle of MCT oil would be a hassle and if it broke or spilled just think of the mess. Since getting MCT back into my routine I think having the added GOOD fat in my system has helped in more ways than I expected. Put it this way not just putting lotion and oil on your skin but allowing the MCT to lubricate from within is a great idea.
Along with the benefits I am experiencing I am excited about the benefits I have read it has that are probably going on inside my body and I don’t even realize it…Like heart health, the antioxidant benefits and I like the idea that it can help my metabolism. Remember I read an article recently so all this is fresh in my brain and I figure I should share with those who may not know.

Medium-chain fatty acids possible benefits:
• Maintain a healthy weight — since they both make you feel full
• Specifically reduce stored body fat and they can also raise your metabolic function
• Have more energy
• Think more clearly
• Experience better digestion/regularity
• Help balance hormone levels
• Improve your mood
• Fight bacterial infection and viruses
• Absorb fat-soluble nutrients from various foods


Portobello Mushroom Pizza Seen on Dr. OZ

I Saw a Version of My Portobello Mushroom Pizza Recipe on Dr. Oz.


It makes my day when I can enjoy something yummy that is also good for me!

I enjoy seeing recipes, tricks, tips and alike that I have incorporated into my life end up on the Dr. OZ show. Not that I agree and or do everything I see on the show. But some recipes, uses for lemons, apple cider vinegar etc., the list is long…. When I know I have been using the same suggestions during my weight loss and now maintaining journey it validates that what I have included in my lifestyle is a good thing!

mushroom pizzaCheck out this great Dr. OZ segment!


Portobello Mushroom Pizza




  • Large portobello mushrooms (stem off)
  • 2 tbsp marinara sauce per slice (Like it saucy? you can add a smudge more;)
  • Basil (or Italian blend seasoning)
  • Spinach and or other veggies of choice
  • Grilled chicken or any other healthy meat you prefer (example shrimp)
  • Part-skim mozzarella cheese (or feta if you prefer)


1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.


2. Place the slices of Portobello mushrooms on a lined sheet and bake for 5 minutes or until tender.



3. Remove from the oven and top them with marinara sauce and as much basil, spinach, grilled chicken (or other healthy meat) and part-skim mozzarella cheese (or feta) as you’d like to each slice.



4. Place the slices back into the oven for 15-18 minutes.


**Note: Because there are so many great vegetable toppings that are wonderful additions for fiber and antioxidant value you can consider red, yellow, orange or green bell pepper, Arugula, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes etc. Just about any low calorie veggie you would like to use as a pizza topping. But the more weight on the Portobello will determine if your pizza can he handheld or eaten with a fork.


Of course depending on the amount of toppings you choose to add approx. calories 75. Compare that to a thick crust personal sized pizza that is 760 calories.

Why is the word “DIET” Bad?

Believe it or not this post was inspired by a thought I had while watching a segment on TMV Live when I was walking on my treadmill. Mindless TV isn’t so mindless after all – LOL

lolojonesplympicsLolo Jones the Olympic hurdler, who is now hoping to make the Winter Olympic team as a bobsledder said she’s gained some 30 pounds during the past few months. She’s done so by eating 9,000 calories a day on a diet which includes two 1,365-calorie protein shakes and fattening foods.


Why do I bring this up as an example?

Usually when we tell people we are on or going on a DIET the 1st thing that comes to mind is deprivation.

I want us ALL to get out of that mindset.

Whether you are overweight, underweight or at target weight but go to the doctor about maybe something going on with you medically you could be asked, “What is your diet?”

The question isn’t expecting the answer to be HCG protocol, Paleo, low carb, etc.

All that is being asked is, what are you consuming? You know, what are you sticking into your mouth and swallowing on a daily basis.


I believe that once we get out from under thinking our diet is a sacrifice we have to endure and look at our choices as long term healthy changes all will go a lot more smoothly.

We all agree being on P2 has limitations that you will have to live through, but that is the key point. You live through it and as you reap the benefits of the protocol you will transition to other choices like stepping stones. What steps am I talking about? Doing your rounds whether it be P3, cycling and ultimately life maintenance.

As I work and yes I did mean to use the word work to maintain a healthy weight and size I find that my “diet” includes many of the different food choices and ingredients so many TV shows and internet articles recommend as good choices for weight loss, good metabolism, and overall health.

Why am I ok using the word “work”? If you want to be healthy you either naturally make healthy choices or you are mindful of the choices. As you are mindful of your choices something begins to happen that you don’t even realize was happening, it does become natural.

Quite frankly food that you use to want to consume and or think you couldn’t live without doesn’t look appealing. Or your treat foods get a makeover. How your body feels after you eat certain food and how the food tastes changes.

I know if I want to eat a cookie or ice cream the processed stuff is not on my agenda.

I want REAL food and the portion amount is far less to satisfy me than in my overweight past life.

Those of you that haven’t crossed this bridge yet and can’t believe you wouldn’t want certain food you love now don’t fear.

Are there times when processed food is still in my world? Yes sometimes but I must admit when I have gone down that road the anticipation was far greater than the award.

The trigger to eat it? Probably a ghost emotion of how I used to be comforted by that food.  So once I start to eat it I am disappointed and usually throw it away or hand it off to my hubby. Just like anyone would when they take a bite and realize they don’t like it.

To sum all this up my goal by doing this post is to give you HOPE. Fast forward to your healthy weight self and be confident that you will be happy with your choice. And to lessen the blow of the word “DIET.” It is Ok that you are on a diet, everyone who consumes food to live is.

Remember Lolo Jones is consuming over 9000 calories a day and everyone who interviews her asks, “What is your diet?”

HCG Life Maintenance Q&A

HCG Life Maintenance Q&A


A very sweet HCG You Tuber named Lisa…You Tube channel name – MightyMouse Lisa asked some “VET” HCG You Tube peeps to vlog about how they have maintained since their HCG weight loss journey.

I was honored to be asked to be one of the “VETS”.

Here Are the questions she wanted us to cover –

1. How long have you been off HCG?

2. Have you maintained?

3. Do or did you have emotional eating issues?

4. What measures do you take to keep you from ever having to do to this protocol or any diet ever again?

5. What got you to the point where you knew you had a handle on your stabilization?

6. Any advice on how to stabilize and maintain for life?

Once I began the vlog I realized that one vlog could only be a simple “overview” and it would take several vlogs to be more detailed with each question.For now here is the overview and the individual vlogs on each question will be yet to come.





Maintain Weight Loss After HCG

Understanding the Importance of  Set Points

See You Tomorrow!


Many questions I get are about stabilizing and maintaining.

What these questions boil down to is, “how do I not gain back the weight”?

Looking at my post HCG journey the “stumble” I regret was ignoring the scale for too many days at a time. I was fitting in my jeans fine so I got too lax. Once I faced the music because I did start to notice that my jeans were fitting tighter it wasn’t that it was “too late” but I did make getting back on track more difficult for myself.


In a few of my blog posts I have mentioned that 2012 has had its share of life stresses.

During those times it is very easy to put discipline in the back seat and let emotions take the wheel. If I had simply mustard the courage to jump on the scale each morning my body could have settled right back into it’s comfy set point HCG got me to with only a couple of minor tweaks to get back on course.


Bottom line –

I think Dr. Simeon definitely got it Right.

If I had kept myself in check my body would have stayed in its new set point without a struggle.

This is my theory so bear with me here…
You figure the body has set points you have to push past when reducing.

These are the weight set points our body had settled into in the past at some time or another in our lives.

That is usually why we Plateau. Our body gets to that weight and says, “Oh I remember this place”. And for a bit thinks it is where it should be.


So once at goal and the body is settled into its new weight set point. It is pretty happy there. Especially when you have established that set point by doing the protocol using the phase 3 breaks between rounds to “lock in” the new set point. One, maybe two, ah heck even three little slips is no biggie as long as a person checks and sees the change on the scale and acts on that appropriately my making better choices to correct the “up flux”.

And because the body wants to be in the new and “happy to be in” set point it will respond by getting back in check.


But if you don’t know there has been an increase because you didn’t check the “numbers” and only relied on how clothes were fitting the weight could push toward an old set point. If you get to or past an “old set point” it can potentially open up the flood gates and cause difficulty in controlling the gain.


Your body might think it is time to settle into an old set point that it had been at before that we don’t want any part of.



When I goofed by not weighing daily I can tell that my body didn’t like the excess AT ALL. The extra wasn’t noticeably showing but I could feel it and it did not feel good.

If I would have caught myself in time the way Dr Simeon designed it I wouldn’t be writing this post.

But Good news is this has been a very important lesson learned for me.

And because I experienced it first hand not only do I know how to avoid that mistake in the future but I can help you do the same!

250 pound vs. 120 pound woman X-ray

Here is an image to help us strive to be healthier

I don’t think the x-ray is of the same person but I thought this was interesting.

How is the fat distributed in the two different body types shown in that picture? Here is the answer, in the form of images comparing a 120 pound woman with a 250 pound woman:

250 pound vs. 120 pound woman

The light yellow areas are fat. Note especially the huge deposits of fat in the abdomen around the internal organs in the 250 pound woman, as well as all the subcutaneous fat (just under the skin) . The black areas in many cases are air or gas spaces – note the lungs. Or liquid filled, as in the bladder. Note also the heart in the middle of the chest.

The white areas are bone. In descriptions  people have asked why the 250 pound woman has what appear to be thinner leg bones. This apparently in an artifact of the slice chosen for the image. Imagine that she is lying down and we take a slice out of the middle of her body. That is what we are seeing. The slice went through thicker bone in the 120 pound woman.

Also notice the ankles of the 250 pound woman. Heavy people often have pronation problems because of the stress of the extra weight on the feet

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