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HCG Life Maintenance Q&A

HCG Life Maintenance Q&A


A very sweet HCG You Tuber named Lisa…You Tube channel name – MightyMouse Lisa asked some “VET” HCG You Tube peeps to vlog about how they have maintained since their HCG weight loss journey.

I was honored to be asked to be one of the “VETS”.

Here Are the questions she wanted us to cover –

1. How long have you been off HCG?

2. Have you maintained?

3. Do or did you have emotional eating issues?

4. What measures do you take to keep you from ever having to do to this protocol or any diet ever again?

5. What got you to the point where you knew you had a handle on your stabilization?

6. Any advice on how to stabilize and maintain for life?

Once I began the vlog I realized that one vlog could only be a simple “overview” and it would take several vlogs to be more detailed with each question.For now here is the overview and the individual vlogs on each question will be yet to come.





why not try The HCG Diet??

Why are“they” saying – “Why you should not try The HCG Diet

I Am so Glad I found out about HCG –  it has changed my health and quality of life ALL for the Better!


Oh boy , nothing like making me mad to motivate me to post on my blog!

I subscribe to various email send outs that are about diet,health,fitness and exercise.

I like to know what is out there and also when I find something I think will help all of you I like to share.

Well awhile back  one “fitness guru” put out an email “warning” about HCG…. I poo-pooed it since it was SO silly.


Well the same guru sent it out again but made a few tweaks since the last one.

Now I am the first one to say that if you are NOT on REAL HCG and go on the pounds & Inches protocol you WILL be starving yourself and some of the bad side effects could happen. Not because you are on HCG but because you are basically not eating  and don’t have in your system what HCG has to help your body go after the abnormal fat stores in your body to use as energy.


If these “experts” would simply take a moment before bashing HCG and READ the manuscript then either they will “get it” and back down (though I doubt).


Because they will feel too threatened that the money they are making selling what they want to sell will take a hit they will come on even more fierce against the method.


That is exactly why FDA does what they do. You don’t think they feel threatened when the companies that pay them big bucks might feel the pinch?

OK after that statement if I get hauled away in the middle of the night by the FDA mafia someone please send out a search party and save me before they kill me….. Notice there is no LOL of JK after that…=/


Some of the side effect  “concerns” the email I mentioned I would like to comment on based on my own personal experience.

In 1988 after being on the Weight Watcher plan I had to have gallbladder surgery :(

I wasn’t part of the lawsuit  but after that happened to me I read that weight watchers and similar companies like them along with slim fast were sued because so many people were getting gallstones while on those plans.

In 2009 BEFORE I knew HCG existed I was hospitalized for Blood clots in my right leg. At that time I was about 209lbs and unfortunately was taking the birth control medicine Yaz to help regulate  my cycle :(

My Cholesterol was too high and my Dr. advised that I go on a diet and take Omega 3.

I was also Vitamin D Deficient and had to go on prescription strength vitamin D.

I had breathing issues and my doctors had prescribed an inhaler.Plus I would get heartburn easily (ouch).

My hair was thinning to the point that even my hairdresser was extremely concerned.

Bottom line I was a mess and  just plain felt awful.

I began my HCG journey on January 17th, 2010

Since on my HCG journey

My Cholesterol level is excellent, my heartbeat is fine , and blood pressure perfect!

Since I had past history of vitamin D deficiency when I see my Dr. he will check and the results are always normal now.

My hair is growing really well and my hairdresser comments that fact every time she sees me.She also reminds me how scared she was for me back in 2009.

I never experienced pregnancy like symptoms while on HCG i.e breast soreness, water retention etc. That email claimed that was a side effect too.

My cycle is more regular after starting HCG then before .

No blood clots but I did recently go in for surgery to have the veins that were damaged from the 2009 DVT worked on to help my leg have correct blood flow. Though the Dr. explained after a DVT it is never fully cured. Does anyone know a good attorney for that YAZ  lawsuit??

No heartburn or breathing problems at all…..Money saved rather than spent on prescription med – YAY!

Amazing what getting excess weight OFF will do to help with so many conditions!

I have remained the same size that HCG got me to . My weight may fluctuate a bit which is normal for anyone. I think no matter what weight we are we always think we could maybe lose another 5 lbs, why I don’t know. My male friends say it is a female thing…maybe.

Through all of my dieting history (since I was in grade school) No other diet I have been on has worked as well as the HCG protocol.

Think about it – I started on January 17th 2010. I actually surpassed my original weight loss goal I had set for myself by May 2010

I have been basically maintaining and or playing around a little with some methods (to experiment for you all) since then.

We are about to round the corner to 2013!!!! I’m excited!!! Can you tel!!!

2010-2013 – I think that is pretty darn cool!


Bottomline – I AM so very thankful that some email did not cross my path back in 2009 to deter me from trying HCG and doing the protocol…I have my health back!! :)

Phase 1 HCG -The Don’t Do List

 Phase 1 and Beyond HCG -The Don’t Do List

the dont do listNever mind Phase 1- The Majority of of this List is Important to Take Seriously if you are Serious About Your Health


The Don’t List

• No Microwaving
I’m at least careful of what I use in the microwave . For example. Watch out for the type of container our leftovers in in. Don’t cover with plastic wrap before re-heating etc.
But for the Nuts & Bolts Theory and to be be sure your are protected from potential harm Google “the risk of microwave cooking”.
• Don’t Eat Farm Raised Fish
There is So MUCH Research especially based on salmon – Goggle it for yourself and see what you find out!

• Don’t Drink a lot of Ice Cold Drinks
It is a free country so I’m entitled –
I beg to differ; it is my opinion that drinking cold water can help the body burn more calories because it has to work to regulate the internal body temperature.

• No Lotions or Creams
This one I feel is a matter of common sense.
What you put on your skin absorbs into your system.
Take the time to really Know what you are using. I don’t go without anything, simply do your homework.
• Be in Fluorescent lighting
Artificial light adversely effects our bodies. Simply Goggle “fluorescent light health risks” to find out what it does to our bodies hormone levels that are associated with stress and how it can flare other life crippling maladies.

I had a boss that made a point to not work in fluorescent lighting even though the rest of us had no choice. If you work in a office environment that you do not have control over do not beat yourself up about it. Simply do what you can within your means to change the lighting that you can. Or educate the co-workers you can influence to make a change.

• No drugs OTC or Other
Many drug side effects “small print” will list weight gain etc. as a reaction that can happen when taking.
Ask you doctor first!
If you are on meds prescribed by your doctor I do not think it is a good idea to stop cold turkey

The Rest of this list is what I call the “No Duh” List – LOL
Don’t Eat Trans Fats
Don’t Eat Fast Food
Do Not Consume High Fructose Corn Syrup
Do Not Consume Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
Do Not Eat Foods with Nitrates
Do Not Eat Foods with Artificial Sweeteners

Let’s face it – a blog post could be dedicated to each one of these!
For example; Aspartame-ew


Succeed on HCG with or without Doing This

HCG Phase One Wellness Do List

wellness do listDo’s that are Listed I Have Not Done…Or At Least Not All






  • Organic

The first two I would like to transition into doing. I DO some organic but not all…yet  

Eat only Organic Meat and Dairy

Eat 100 % Organic food
The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter


  • Eating Habits

The Next three we have all heard are Good to Do- Who reading this has got this down cold?… I have yet to –

Eat Breakfast

Eat 6 meals per day

Eat dinner before 6:00 p.m.


  • Eat salad with lunch and dinner
  • Eat 100 grams of protein before bed

I have heard that this is good I just haven’t done it as a habit


  • Drink Chamomile Tea

Calm is good 😉 Drink ChamomileTea
when you’re feeling stressed or anxious. Stress wreaks havoc on your hormonal systems and promotes fat gain, especially belly fat. Stress reduction efforts help you regulate stress hormones and lose weight.

  • Colonic

I think there are easier and simpler ways to accomplish the end result

 (no pun intended)

I understand why sweating out toxins is a good thing but don’t have access to one

  • Get Massages before phase 2

I           in Phase 2 the massage oil can mess up your fat releases

I agree there are a lot of benefits to doing Yoga
namely staying flexible as we age is vital.

    • Listen to De-Stress CD’s

Stress-Proof Your Brain

I purchased some good habit forming Cd’s you are suppose to listen to while you sleep. They haven’t arrived yet. I will keep you posted on how they worked

  • Lift Weights

I agree having more toned muscle is good.

I don’t lift everyday but I do light Hand Weights
at least 3 times a week.

  • Have a Clean Shower Filter

I would like to switch mine out to a Filtered Showerhead
but the darn thing is stuck


  • Cleanse

The Next Two-

By Way of Supplements
Heavy Mineral Cleanse

Liver Cleanse

Sorry I didn’t put these 2 in my “Have Done List” I have a Detox Foot Bath Machine

As I was working on this post it dawned on me the machine I have would be this type of cleanse as well.

I will do a post later explaining my experience with the machine, why I got it and a picture of what it looks like.


The Next 2 Are things that make me go Hum

    • Electromagnetic Chaos Eliminator – I will have to look into this one
  • Reduce Air Conditioning – I didn’t quite grasp why staying cool  would cause a slow down in weight loss. I know  part of the Thermogenesis Theory is to dress so your body will keep trying to stay warm or be in a cold environment.


  • Take These Supplements –

A Whole Food Product

Coral Calcium


Acetyl L-Carnitine

Krill Oil

Vitamin E

Natural Calm
– I use and like this magnesium powder… Can that count?

Take a product to Eliminate or Reduce


Parasite Detox

Regulate Insulin – Blood Sugar


Boy if you followed this to a “T” your BODY would be in INCREDIBLE SHAPE inside and out and have a Wealth of Health!


But if you were not financially well off when you started, your credit card balance will have increased or your bank balance would have decreased.

Use discernment and incorporate what you want when you can.

Good Habits Before, During and After HCG



HCG Phase One “Do List”

My Experience

Good habits for Fat Loss

Good habits for Fat Loss


After going over the entire list I realized just how overwhelming it all is.

So I would rather comment on what I did and why.





Not that some of the other Do’s aren’t good too. I simply want to help keep it manageable and within reason. Plus I can share my experience firsthand.


I also want to be clear that I did not make a point to do or consume what is on this “Do List” the 30 days prior to starting my HCG journey. Most of them I found out about their benefits throughout my journey.


Phase One Do List that I have experience with;



Do’s –   That I Do and Have Done


Drink water – Stay Hydrated and when you are burning fat you need water to help flush it out – Benefits of Water


Add Fiber – Keep your intestine swept out


Walk – Good Circulation equals all kinds of health benefits


Get Sleep – Lack of sleep causes stress on the body. Stress is not a good thing for weight loss and a lot of other things.


Get Sun – Good Day Sunshine!  Keep your vitamin D level UP


Breathe Properly – Most of us are shallow breathers –Oxygen is KEY!

Is is easy to get into a habit of shallow breathing. That is why we many times lack energy and get that late afternoon lethargic feeling.When you start to feel that way while let’s say when you are at work sitting at your desk.

Try this ;  To bring large quantities of oxygen into your body – Breath in taking in as much air as you can and allow it to fill your diaphragm.Hold that breathe for a moment, tighten your abdominal muscles, and exhale through your mouth as if blowing up a balloon.

I know when I do this I feel refreshed!


Extra Virgin Coconut oil for cooking (I use MCT instead) See my other post for the tons of benefits


Colon Cleanse – Here is an easy affordable Cleanse –  Cleansing


Eat Grapefruit/Apples –

Low Glycemic, good fiber .Apples are a natural diuretic.

Both cleanse the liver, gallbladder and colon  glycemic-index benefits


Use Organic Apple Cider Vinegar –  Detailed ACV Benefits


Drink Green Tea/Wu long tea – helps regulate hunger, stimulates cleansing of the cells, helps metabolism


Drink Organic Yerba Mate Tea-One cup a day. Increase energy, reduce appetite and stimulates releasing of fat cells.


Eat Hot Peppers- I put cayenne in my Cali kicker and I like to eat pepperonchini- Increase Metabolism and reduce appetite. Helps release fat stress and reset body set point


Use Natural Sweeteners – Stevia Sweetener , Organic Blue Agave


Use Cinnamon –

Helps regulate insulin and blood sugar, normalizes appetite and helps the body release fat.

I love baking an apple with cinnamon and stevia – YUM!



Limit Carbonated Drinks-
You have to watch out for sodium and let’s face it very hard to find one with Stevia but there is Zevia All Natural Soda and it really taste great!


Take Digestive Enzymes


For those of you that are still curious about the other Do’s and what are the Don’ts I will be sure and post that next.


After that I want to share a couple of good questions I was asked after doing my recent vlog on You tube

Should I Do A Cleanse Before I Start HCG?



I promised in yesterday’s post I would explain in more detail the theory behind doing Phase 1 before the HCG Phase 2 VLCD


I am not endorsing Phase 1 but I do think a good cleanse which is part of what Phase 1 encourages can be a huge health benefit!



saltwater cleanse

saltwater cleanse ingredients


As it is necessary to bathe the outside of our bodies, so it is with the inside.

There is a great method of cleansing the colonic tract instead of doing colonics or enemas.

This method will cleanse the entire digestive tract while the colonics and enemas are said to

only reach the colon or a small part of it. Plus the ease of not having to lie on the bathroom floor waiting for something to happen and dealing with tubes etc.

Also colonics can be expensive while the salt water method is very affordable!


The directions I followed the very first time I tried this cleanse;



Prepare a full quart of lukewarm water and add two level teaspoons of sea salt.

Do not use ordinary iodized salt as it will not work properly.

Drink the entire quart of salt and water first thing in the morning.

This must be taken on an empty stomach. The salt and water will not separate but will stay intact and quickly and thoroughly wash the entire tract in about one hour.

Several eliminations will likely occur.

The salt water has the same specific gravity as the blood, hence the kidneys cannot pick up the water and the blood cannot pick up the salt. This may be taken as often as needed for proper washing of the entire digestive system.

If the salt water does not work the first time, try adding a little more or a little less salt until the proper balance is found; or possible take extra water with or without salt. This often increases the activity.


The Salt Water bath can do no harm at any time. The colon needs a good washing, but do it the natural way the salt water way.

Chiro-Klenz The Original Made By Edom Labs

It is advisable to take the herb laxative tea (my favorite Edom Labs Chiro-Klenz) the night before to loosen, then the salt water cleanse in the morning to wash it out.


My Revised Method;

Add the measured sea salt into only enough water to drink down quickly and still get all the salt into your system

Have the Quart of water next to you so you can start drinking the water down as a chaser after the salt water.

Personally the water didn’t need to be lukewarm but if it is too cold it can be more difficult to drink down that much water that quickly.

This method still gets the same result without having to taste salty water during the entire quart drinking experience.


Please note that it was my personal experience that the elimination did not begin after only one hour. It took longer than that when I did the original method and my revised method.

With my revised method it kicked in more quickly. So plan the day you do this accordingly so you can be close to the “throne”.


It will depend on how icky your inner is on how you will feel during the cleanse.

The 1st time I did it was way before my HCG journey so I wasn’t near as healthy as I am today.

My symptoms were a lot like having a cold. Mucus was clearing out asap. The last time I cleanse it was simply a nice cleanse for my intestinal tract.


Advocates for Colonics or Enemas point out the not so pretty facts about a clogged colon;


If you are not having three bowel movements a day you have a clogged colon.

The colon gets clogged by non-prescription and prescription drugs

Low water and fiber consumption

Lack of walking and exercise,

Insufficient digestive enzymes in the food we eat, and many other factors.


In autopsies, medical doctors have found as much as thirty pounds of undigested fecal matter in people’s colons. – ew


Unless you clean your colon, digestion will remain slow, and metabolism will remain slow.

Food cravings and hunger will remain high due to lack of nutrients being absorbed properly.

And you will never get a flat stomach.



What is HCG Phase 1?

Is Phase One Required When Starting HCG?

hcg phase one

HCG Phase 1


If there is Phase 2 and Phase 3 where did Phase 1 go?

 We always hear Phase 2 and Phase 3 being talked about when referring to the HCG Protocol. So what is Phase 1?




Well a very good business man named Kevin Trudeau highly respected Dr Simeon and his research and decided to share Dr Simeons theory by writing a book.

Of course to write the book and make it his own it would require additional information.

So he set out to add his spin on the original protocol. In this case I am not saying the word “spin” is bad – It just is what it is. There is always something a person can learn from a different view, all I want to do is help inform then you can take from it what you want.

Phase 1 in a Nutshell

This phase is not required, I didn’t do this phase prior to my HCG journey but had done a cleanse a few months before.

Plus the author who recommend Phase 1 said based on today’s conditions it is highly recommended. The author felt this phase addresses and corrects many of the new underlying causes of obesity that Simeons did not contend with in the 1950’s and 1960’s.


But he went on to say that if you skip this phase, or do it halfheartedly you can still achieve spectacular results in Phase 2.


The phase consists of a series of Do’s and Don’ts.

It may be difficult for most people to do all the steps in this phase with strict adherence.

The idea was to do Phase 1 for the thirty days prior to starting Phase 2.

The author said the more you do in this phase will result in losing more weight faster during Phase 2. And will accelerate the fat and weight loss in Phase 2, plus make the whole protocol easier to complete. He went on to say the more you do in this phase will greatly increase your ability to keep the weight off permanently and eliminate food cravings in the future.


Much of what the author listed on the “Do List” is different supplements and enzymes that many HCGers including me have used and talked about.


Along with simple logic –Drink plenty of water; be active for good circulation etc.

Don’t eat after 6 p.m. Eat 6 small meals through out the day – you get the idea. The basics we have all read for just about every food plan out there.


Other natural good for you ideas are asked to be implemented  as well– Apple Cider Vinegar, coconut oil, use spices that help with metabolism, and eating certain fruits for good digestion are also listed.


In the next few posts I will explain in more detail the theory behind these suggestions and what I feel can help whether before, during or after your HCG journey. Heck, even if you chose not to use the HCG method.


I will share my experience with these suggestions and the benefits of incorporating some of them. Plus easier ways to utilize these and why I think they can really help you too!



If you are curious about the other book here is a link-

The Weight Loss Cure


Losing Fat on HCG

What We Expect to Lose On HCG

A jug fills drop by drop-Buddha

Be Brimming with PATIENCE


A jug fills drop by drop.

With HCG lets turn that around and say,

“The jug empty’s with each pour (wink)”


Any of you seasoned vet dieters out there remember back if you ever did the Weight Watcher program?
You would go in for your weekly weigh in and meeting and you felt you were losing at a clipping rate if you were seeing an approx 2 lbs loss each week. By all traditional standards you were losing fast!
Now fast forward to our HCG journey. Before you started you saw or heard how people lose a pound a day plus. Of course like me you said “count me in!” The first week it can be very feasible that you could release to the point where you have lost even more than 7 lbs the 1st week.

Whether on a forum, facebook or You Tube during my journey and up to now I see HCGers who are releasing but are sad that the release wasn’t more to their liking.
I am the first to admit that I can be patient with people but not with myself. Thus why I selected to do cycling/interruptions during my HCG journey.
I am writing this post because I want you to be kind to yourself and appreciate every success you have during your journey. When a comment goes in the direction of, “I only released or I only lost”. The fact is you got rid of fat and that is why you are doing this!

The Dr’s Research-
Also Dr Simeon titled his protocol “pounds & Inches” not simply “pounds”. You will be also losing inches shrinking and as long as you are really on HCG your body won’t be going after good muscle that your body needs to keep. I bought the book that the other guy wrote about Dr Simeons research. I am not a fan of the entrepreneur that wrote the book but I don’t hate him either. Anyway, one of the examples was the pregnant women in 3rd world countries that give birth to health babies even though their calorie intake is low and their activity level is basically hard labor during their trimesters. This is how Dr Simeon realized that if you have HCG in your system is like a heat seeking missile (that is my example not the Dr’s) going after the stored fat so it can keep the baby (in your case your body) sustained.
If you fudge on protocol you will probably experience that you will see a gain. My example here is that HCG is also like a magnet so if you put fat into your system while on HCG the HCG figures it better store it so you will stay sustained.

Set Points-
There will still be “set points” both ones you will be creating during your journey so your body won’t want to going the weight back easily. And others that you will need patience with when pushing through them. These set points are when your body gets to a weight that you had settled into in the past for a period of time. Your body gets to that weight and says to itself, “I remember this” and thinks it is where it should stay. You need to be the boss and say, “nope let’s keep going!”

My final 2 cents Today – I write on this blog because I want someone out there going through their journey to find a place that can help them along the way.
I am not a company or medical person. I am simply a person that knows I am blessed to have found HCG. My goal is to share my thoughts, experiences, and whatever info I have learned.
Be Well and Be Happy!

Pro’s and Con’s with HCG


Weigh out the Pro's and Con's

Weighing out the Pro’s and Con’s


I remember my first diets began as early as elementary school. I also recall doing the whole mind game of telling myself “Monday I’m going to start my diet” Sometimes when Monday came I was ready other times I did more mental bartering.

Fast forward to my HCG experience, When I began my journey all I knew was the 2 choices was either sub-lingual or injection but both were using RX HCG. Now there are so many products claiming to be hcg in drops or pellet form..HUM…..

I will not take on that issue in this post. What I want to focus on is how to be ready for your journey both mentally and physically so you will succeed.


My favorite “GO TO” for ordering –


Mentally you need to be raring to go. Have that “I can’t wait to start” feeling. I had watched so many you tube vlogs and read so many forums and posts along with of course “pounds & Inches” while I was waiting for my HCG to arrive I was completely ready to jump in feet first.

But with protocol timing is very important. I get asked over and over when someone is starting hcg for the first time if it is ok to go ahead and start their round if TOM had started or was about to. My answer is wait. Better to have the extra patience and be able to start your round when you know you will have a minimum of 10 days into the round before TOM could be part of the equation.

What is your social calendar looking like? Only YOU know what you can resist and though HCG puts hunger on the back burner sometimes food isn’t about hunger but emotional triggers or socializing. Personally I don’t like to try to visit with people and eat at the same time. That might sound odd to some people but for me it seems like it never fails, I put a bite of food in my mouth and someone will walk up and ask me a question.

Now so far as you are reading this and you KNOW that you are good to go on all counts that I have brought up so far GREAT.

Now be sure you have your tools in place.

What I mean by that is have a good bathroom scale. A scale that will give you more info than just a pound number. Fat percent etc REALLY helps while you are releasing on HCG and take measurements everywhere on your body that you can. You will be amazed where you lose and if you don’t get all your stats from the beginning you will regret it later. I recommend the myotape. Remember there is a good reason why the doctor called it “pounds & Inches


My next advice is do as I say, not what I did.

Take before pictures. The only reason I have a before shot is because my brother snapped off a pic of me when we were on vacation. But what wouldn’t give now to have full on front, back, and side shots that would have been taken the day before my 1st P2 round.

JOURNAL – Do this like you never have before! I was looking at my journal today to see where I was at around this time last year. The pattern I noticed was when I would weigh and write down what I thought I was doing right or what I was doing wrong. If I had a gain you could see how it was brought right back where it should be as along as I stayed current with what I was doing. If I saw an entry and then saw I didn’t write anything for a few days when I was willing to fess-up and get on the scale there was much more of a “price to pay” if you know what I mean.

My birthday is next month and my goal is to be the same weight I was on this date last year on my birthday. Why don’t I pick the weight I was on my Birthday last year? I didn’t write in an entry in my journal. So today I completely regret that I don’t have that stat!!!

I began this post stating,”HCG Gave Me My BEST RESULTS!”

This statement is so very true. I never looked or felt gaunt or sickly. Dr Simeons explained how it targets the abnormal fat and it DID. On other diets in the past I hit the same weight numbers I did on HCG but definitely was not the size and shape HCG got me to. Before my journey other ladies would say if I had back fat it was just an age thing that couldn’t be avoided…wrong.

My butt and hips got smaller than they were before I had kids. This knocks down another theory that after you have kids those areas change and you can’t get those areas down like you could before pregnancies.

And Before my HCG journey I was losing a lot of hair to the point that the girl who does my hair was gravely concerned. When I began HCG the fall out subsided and then a bit after that while still on my rounds I found a hair vitamin I like a lot and still take to this day, I also like it because it also has MSM.

It looks to me like there are a LOT of Pro’s.

Here is what I think are the Con’s –

Don’t get suckered into a product that is not HCG

Understand that it is restrictive as far as what and how much you can eat.

You need to access if this will work in your life based on why you eat.

Desire & Timing is everything! It is important to check your calendar, schedule, and body clock (time of month arrival eta).

You want to set yourself up for success and as long as you check off the right boxes and do it right you will see results beyond what you could have imagined!:)


Is Sugar Toxic to Your Body?

HCG Craving Buster of the Day

This time it isn’t a supplement though one L-Glutamine capsule poured under the tongue can help with sugar craving

Nope, this time a video provides information that helps you and me both to think before we act on a craving. Thus one day closer to the goal we have set for ourselves because we decide to make the right food choices that keep our body and mind healthy!

Video shows how sugar not only causes heart disease and diabetes, but also feeds tumors and is as addictive as Cocaine to your brain

Is Sugar Toxic to Your Body

Mike’s comments:

I think everybody needs to watch this video from a recent 60 Minutes episode to see just how harmful to your health sugar really is.  I don’t think most people understand the seriousness of this.  People seem to blindly eat and drink loads of sugar each day (Americans consume a whopping 1/3 lb of sugar per DAY on average) without thinking about how this internally affects your body and your biochemistry.

As you can see in the video, it should be no surprise to anybody that studies clearly relate excess sugar consumption to obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

You might argue that some natural sugars have always been in the human diet, so why is this an issue.  Well, yes humans have always eaten small amounts of natural sugars from fruit as part of the ancestral diet, but we’ve never historically been exposed to the massive amounts of added sugars that we see in today’s world of sweetened drinks, candies, cakes, cookies, as well as added sugars in everything from condiments to dressings to tomato sauces.

As you can see in the video, the average American eats a sickening 130 lbs of sugar per person per year, or 1/3 lb per day!  That’s just nasty if you ask me, and shows how little most people respect their body, or even think about what they’re putting in their body on a daily basis.

The video also mentions that in one controlled study, they replaced 25% of the daily calories of the subjects with sugary drinks, and took continual blood tests.  The tests showed that by replacing 25% of their daily calories with sugary drinks, the subjects increased their dangerous small dense LDL particles in their blood which causes arterial plaque and heart disease.  Yes, in fact, sugar and carbs in general contribute more to heart disease than fats do.

We also need to realize that high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a relatively new invention in the human diet and is something that your body does not know how to properly handle.  HFCS didn’t really become part of the human food supply until the 1970’s and now it’s found it fairly large quantities in almost every processed food on the grocery shelves.  As the video points out, HFCS consumption is clearly linked to increased heart disease and stroke risk.

One statement I don’t agree with in the video above is that sugar and HFCS are “the same”.  While I agree that they are both terrible for your health and both toxic, there are certainly big differences in how the body processes HFCS vs table sugar or other forms of sugar.  I cover this in full in this article about HFCS here (opens a new window).

Also take note that the video mentions how sugar feeds tumors and can make cancer worse.

In addition, sugar activates reward centers in your brain, similar to drugs like cocaine, thereby making sugar addictive.  The part of the video where they do brain scans on him while he sips a sugary soda is interesting indeed.

One other thing to mention about this video… I don’t fully agree with how they lump honey and real maple syrup in with table sugar or HFCS.  Although honey and real maple syrup are mostly sugar, and should be minimized overall, both of them at least have additional micronutrients and antioxidants that sugar or HFCS simply don’t have.

In addition, another aspect that the video fails to mention is that it’s not just added sugar that causes all of these negative effects in your body, but also fast-digesting carb sources like breads, pastas, bagels, muffins, rice, and other grain-based foods that spike your blood sugar just as quickly as regular table sugar.  For example, each piece of bread you eat is basically equivalent to eating about 20 grams of sugar since the response to your blood sugar and triglyceride levels is essentially the same.

The bottom line is that food manufacturers want you to be addicted to sugar and continue to buy all of their junk foods and sugary drinks which destroy your health.  But it’s time to take control of your health for yourself and not support these giant businesses who only care about their corporate profit and not about how they are destroying your health.

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