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Before and After Success!

HCG Works! I am so grateful to God, Hcg and all you wonderful hcgers . How I feel physically, mentally now is as though I have been given a whole new life!

One Year Anniversay will be January 15th, 2011

Got to Goal and Stayed there for a Year??…say What??? That is What it is ALL About! – Thanks to ALL =)

I am just days away from my one year hcg anniversary and I just now for the very 1st time shared with family (my bro) my YT channel name. EVERYDAY that goes by with success on HCG you want to to let those you care about know that there is REALLY something out there that REALLY WORKS!!!!
My 1st vlog looked like I was in a witness protection program.
I was so scared! My thinking was ” what if someone comments saying YOU are SO fat etc.
I was Blessed to have so much support, love ans encouragement. Thank you all that have been there for me!

Very first vlog

Before HCG I did the Master Cleanse

Originally aired on youtube January 26th, 2010 when I was new to HCG
Master Cleanse

Before I knew about HCG I was was having several health issues along with my excess weight. My brother recommended that I do the Master Cleanse because he and his girlfriend had not only lost weight but had experienced great health benefits as well. Allergy issues etc. had improved immensely for his girlfriend.

So I decided to do the cleanse the same time they did so I would have a support system while going through it. I liked the benefits and improved health I experienced.
Please don’t do this cleanse with HCG. The maple syrup is not on protocol.
For the lowdown on the Master Cleanse
Click Here!

Detox Bath Explained

The measurements for the detox bath explained. Ans why it helps with HCG, Better releases. pounds lost ,and warms you up.

ACV-MCT Shot – The How and Why

How to prepare a ACV/ MCT shot and the benefits of taking it once a day.

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